Search & Destroy: Confused By Results

  NotSureBoutThis 10:58 03 Nov 2006


Whenever I run Search & Destroy, on completion of the scan I keep getting 2 messages referring to Windows. Security Centre Firewall Disabled
Windows. Security Centre Antivirus Disabled

When I click on the right hand side to change the settings, I'm confused by the information.

If I right click on the item mentioned, it only gives me the option to:

“Exclude This Product From Further Searches”

It does not give me the option to “Exclude This Detection From Further Searches” as this option is greyed out.

Whenever I start my computer up, I keep receiving a message on my desktop:

McAfee strongly recommends you click “Yes” to select McAfee security centre as your default security centre.

I'm confused, can anyone assist me in with the any settings that I may have to adjust?

Oh btw, any advice offered, I will follow up on Monday, as I'm away for the weekend.

Thanks in advance


  anskyber 19:21 03 Nov 2006

Hard to know where to start. Can you go to Start, Control Panel, Security Centre and tell us whether the Firewall and Virus Protection are shown as "On" ? If they are shown as on can you select the drop downs to the right of the "On" and tell us whether it says McAfee or windows protection (or whatever) for each one.

Have you installed McAfee recently or has it come as a free trial. If so have you enabled it?

  RicScott 12:02 05 Nov 2006

you are getting these messages is because you have 'changed the way windows notifies you' about the firewall etc..You have disabled the notification.
If you untick them in the results section of Spybot they will stay as is but if you leave them to be removed you will get the annoying popup at startup telling you that the firewall is off or the antivirus is out of date or not present..etc..

  NotSureBoutThis 10:26 06 Nov 2006


Thanks for the advice.

OK, I have checked the windows firewall within the control panel.

Under the general tab, the”Off” is highlighted, although it states this is not recommended.

To my knowledge I have not amended any settings, as I would not know where to begin.

I do have McAfee installed, I purchased it as a security suite, then a few weeks later, I installed IE7.

McAfee security suite, states protection is “ON”

Does this help?

  brundle 10:32 06 Nov 2006
  NotSureBoutThis 10:56 06 Nov 2006

Hello brundle

Thank you for the link, however, I tried to follow all the post's and advice, but sorry to say, at the end I found it all confusing.

I re re read the post's again within the link, and I'm still unable to find the correct advice.

However, thank you for replying.

  NotSureBoutThis 20:22 08 Nov 2006


Can anyone assist with my reply dated 06.11.06 @ 10:56 please?

Thanks in advance

  chocolate cake 23:48 08 Nov 2006

try this. click here

  NotSureBoutThis 05:25 09 Nov 2006

Hi Chocolate Cake

Thanks for the info.

Great screen name btw

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