IS The search box working ???

  Mo H 21:38 25 May 2004

I keep getting 'Nowt Found'

  Fruit Bat 21:41 25 May 2004

short answer NO

  stalion 21:44 25 May 2004

even shorter answer n

  Djohn 22:13 25 May 2004

Yes. ;o)

  Fruit Bat 22:19 25 May 2004


Please tell us how, Iv'e not had much success with it siince October last year.

  Dan the Confused 22:24 25 May 2004

Why haven't I got my forum guide yet?

  end 22:39 25 May 2004

depends on how "young" you want the thread; have just "tried" it with "dial up box" and got two results from 2003......(yes, that IS 2003)

  Djohn 22:43 25 May 2004

And it will often require several attempts but it does work in the end. Unfortunately The thread titles don't help in the way they are often phrased and because of this we need to place as much of the original thread as we can remember or the poster's name and ask for all results to be shown.

The best way I've found so far is from the index page where you have the choice of two boxes. I start off with the same heading in both box's change the middle one from "And" to "OR". Choose "All discussion" and place a dot in "Titles and all postings" Use the helproom first the consumerwatch if needed.

The title of a posting is dificult to search for if it's not been done correct in the first place so we have to try and remember as much of the thread as we can then start looking for words that will match. Another way is to place the name of the poster in both box's or any member that contributed to the thread.

Not Ideal but it will work 8 times out of 10.

Example of something I was looking for the other night. Optical drive. I tried optical drive/CDR/CD-R/CDRW/Hard drive/Harddrive and nothing near what I wanted. Then I typed DVD and it came back with 100 hits of which about 20 covered what I was looking for.

The same will apply for installing a second drive.

Second drive/slave drive/two drives/ master/slave/copy to second drive/transfer from drive/transfer to drive. etc. It does work in the end though.

Good luck with your quest. ;o)

  end 23:44 25 May 2004

???what are you actually searching FOR??????,, then maybe someone can point you in the vague direction for requesting it......(????)

  Stuartli 08:24 26 May 2004

I've found threads I've been looking for via the Search facility on a regular basis, including yesterday.

The main thing is to choose key words carefully and to perhaps switch them around if necessary.

It is working but not perhaps as efficiently as it used to do in the past.

  Stuartli 08:29 26 May 2004

Apologies - just tried it out whilst you were posting and you are correct.

Perhaps I was just lucky with the threads I found or was tricked by the 2004 postings that come up...:-)

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