Seal usb turntable

  little jack 14:59 10 Feb 2012

Trying to record from my Seal USB turntable i have done so before but now when i press record on Audacity the stero line moves across but does not record . I dont think there is the correct set up from usb to Audacity ? can someone tell me the correct preferences for set up i have Realtek hd audio output .Realtek audio input Wave microsoft 16 bit pcm .How do i select USB AUDIO codec as in Audacity help list(do i require it) I have downloaded Lame v3.98.3for Audacity and think i have exported as Wav but can you please advise me how ,to make sure ?i am on Window xp please note oap so not to good on cumputers . thank you

  eedcam 18:48 10 Feb 2012

Id guess you need to have your usb device set for input not realtek.Which version of Audacity are you using and Lame is only needed if you are going to save as Mp3

  little jack 19:12 10 Feb 2012

Using Audacity 1.2.6 i need to record the records to go to my media player i think i used lame last time . When i try to record there is only a straight line no peaks or troughs in graph.

  lotvic 20:04 10 Feb 2012

"please note oap so not too good on computers " Oi, are you casting aspersions on the rest of us here trying to help? (that's a jokey comment) there's a awful lot of us on here supposedly past our sell by date ;-) and between us we all muddle through so you're in good company.

Have a read of the thread in Speakers Corner 'Are you old enough to remember?' it's about what you were doing when you heard the news that the King was dead 60 years ago.

  eedcam 20:10 10 Feb 2012

Ok lets stick with the input prob if you go edit >preferences Then uner the I/O tab do you have your USB device selected for recording if not is it availble in the drop down box .Even more can you hear anything from the usb in any programme

  eedcam 20:14 10 Feb 2012

Lotvic Aye I was in Hospital with appendix and in the bloody ward named after the Kings surgeon good job at 12 didn't see the connection

  little jack 09:15 11 Feb 2012

Under the IO tab drop down box i cannot see any thing to select usb? it says output = realtek + microsoft mapper input realtek + microsoft mapper +ak537 The only sound i can hear is very soft music coming from the stlus . I do have it set to enable software playthrough .

  little jack 10:03 11 Feb 2012

OK i now have it working i have to use Microsoft Soundmapper input and output say not to use it so maybe i am not useing Audacity Beta . ? So on to the next stage record and see if i can remember how to export it to Media Player .(i am only sixty nine and do not remember the King dieing but do remember the party for the new Queen )

  little jack 11:37 11 Feb 2012

Next step have made recording tryed exporting to wave = file export as wave but it has now placed one track over an other so it plays two tracks . What is the best way to tranfer tracks from Audacity to my media player .

  eedcam 12:40 11 Feb 2012

Whilst wav is the better mp3 is usually adequate .When you export it only means save .I would create a folder first and export to that. Then import to your player If by track do you mean the complete album ie not the LP split into seperate tracks not quite sure what you mean on top of the other track.

  little jack 13:23 11 Feb 2012

I have recorded an LP all the tracks, exported to wave but when i try to play one track in media player i can hear two tracks from the LP at the same time one over the other .

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