Seagate/Acronis -How long?

  Quiet Life 19:40 16 Aug 2009

I thought to create an image file using the Seagate Disc wizard. I created a start up disc and used that to create the image of C drive(11gb) to a USB external drive. It started with an estimated time of 12hours and after about 30 minutes reduced to 11 hours. I have a 3ghz dual processor machine and this seemed ridiculous so I aborted.

I then did an image file with Paragon to another internal drive as it could not see the USB drive which took 20 minutes and about 15 to verify.

1. Is there something wrong with the Seagate Disc recovery program to show such a long time?
2. Does Paragon not have the ability to save an image to an external drive?

  crosstrainer 19:45 16 Aug 2009

If you have an older USB 1 External, they can take a day and an age to backup / verify etc.

Paragon is not a patch on Acronis, so if you can, invest in a faster external hdd, or add a larger sata 3 hdd.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:46 16 Aug 2009

Faster to internal drive along bus
than to external drive via USB

  DieSse 21:45 16 Aug 2009

That's far too long - even with a USB1 connection it shouldn't take that long.

I don't understand your reference to a startup disk. Acronis (and Disk Wizard, which is just a cut-down version) should be run from it's installation on the C drive - startup disks are for other purposes entirely.

  prince midas 10:36 17 Aug 2009

Acronis as a problem with its timing menu. I have found over the years but it is fine.I usually find when it gives a figure of hours this is usually minutes and when it come to the end of the image it may say 59 minutes for example but it really means 59 secs.
A normal 10 gig backup takes it 12 minutes including veryfi.

  Quiet Life 12:29 17 Aug 2009

Thanks for the replies. I found that my copy of Seagate Wizard was not the latest so I started again and downloaded the latest copy.
An image to second hard drive was under 10minutes and verified OK.
I then created the start up disc and restarted from it. Screen as follow:

1 Reading all physical volumes this may take some time.
2. A page of various codes and messages.
3. It then finished with USB storage drive scan complete. And a flashing horizontal cursor.
3. Nothing else happened after waiting 30 minutes.

Redid the CD with an ISO but result was as above.
Any ideas asto what is going wrong?

  DieSse 13:23 17 Aug 2009

The image file created is a compressed file with a .tib extension.

You should be able to run Disk Wizard and Mount the file - then you should be able to see the contents.

The CD is for doing the restore operation - of course it should work - but why are you trying to restore the image file?

  Quiet Life 13:52 17 Aug 2009

I am not going as far as restoring the image file but I wish to see if everything works. Acronis let me down years ago when it was happy to create an image but when the time came to restore it, it would not recognise the drive that the image was on. I do not know why the backup CD does not work. Unless it does work Acronis would not be much good like it was last time I relied on it.
Basically I rely on xxclone to a second internal harddrive. This program is simple and works. I have had to use it only twice in earnest but it has not failed me the way Acronis has. That hardrive is getting rather full as W7 is dual booted on there and I was looking for a reliable alternative to create a back up and then free up space.
The back up disc on the earlier version worked OK but I used that CD\RW for the updated version.

  Chas49 13:57 17 Aug 2009

I use Acronis to make an image on an external drive via USB 2 and it always starts off (in my case anyway) stating that it will run for a ridicualous time - several hours (for some 130 gigs on the 'C' drive) and then, after a while this changes to a true figure of just over 2 hours. prince midas obviously has the same 'problem' - so don't panic, when and if you get Acronis if you see the same - ignore!

  woodchip 14:55 17 Aug 2009

Its a lot slower putting the Image direct to a USB drive. I do it to internal then copy it to USB

  cocteau48 15:04 17 Aug 2009

Quiet Life
"but I wish to see if everything works" - the only solution to that is to bite the bullet and try it.

Have you tried to restore your image from within Acronis rather than using the backup disk?
I run a full restore once a week and only once in the last two years have I had to resort to using the boot disk and that was not due to a problem with Acronis itself.

Do I understand you correctly when you say that you have used a CD/RW to create your boot disk?
That may have something to do with the problems you are having.
If you create a CD/R boot disk and it works why would you ever want to overwrite it?

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