Seagate SATA II & Safely Remove Hardware ?

  Giggle n' Bits 22:28 01 May 2006

Just installed windows clean using the correct SATA NForce4 Drivers for my Gigabyte HDD and notice that near the System Tray.

The HDD is showing as a "Safely Remove Hardware" item ! How can it be when its internal and fixed.

This is a internal HDD can someone please tell me if this is ok to be showing as a removable device please.

  phono 00:36 02 May 2006

It is normal for Via motherboards so I suspect it is also normal for nVidia boards.

It appears that SATA was designed with "hot plugging and unplugging capability" in mind.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:46 02 May 2006

don't think unplugging a SATA HDD would be wise while being switched on, just imagine frying the drive or something.

  phono 21:55 02 May 2006

I agree, that's what I would have thought, but looking on the Via website it clearly states that SATA was designed with "hot plugging" capability.

I would think it would be especially unwise if it was your C: drive.

  DieSse 00:22 03 May 2006

It is indeed shown as a "Safely Remove Hardware" as SATA drives can be hot-plugged, just like USB devices.

I have a friend with a caddy SATA drive for backups (which I installed) - and he can and does "hot-plug" for backing up.

You can't do that with IDE drives - in fact you need to remove mains power before unplugging IDE drives.

  phono 00:39 03 May 2006

That was my understanding of it DieSse, but I still think it would be catastrophic to "remove" the C: drive.

  DieSse 01:00 03 May 2006

*I still think it would be catastrophic to "remove" the C: drive.*

It certainly would if Windows was running!!

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