Seagate HDD been overtemp to 123c

  Fried~Chips 11:13 24 Sep 2008

Hello all

Should I replace my HDD if When running the Seagate HDD Diagnostic tool if reports HDD has been overtemp even though its got no bad sectors and passes acutal read test.

I first noticed a problem when I came to install a software/driver installation CD. The drive takes nearly 1min - 2 mins to start the install/.exe off. But running a Audio CD is fine. in both DVD and DVD Wtr this problem occurs.

Appreciate quick answer as I am at home today, and if I need to get a HDD etc.

  Pamy 14:41 24 Sep 2008

Mine was over temp 2years ago and still working OK, but I did buy another just incase

  Fried~Chips 14:59 24 Sep 2008

Yes same, I fee better knowing there is no error reports on the HDD, I will replace it. Thanks for the call.

  €dstowe 14:59 24 Sep 2008

I would look into how and why this happens.

Something is not right with either the drive or the system.

In any case, I would follow Pamy's advice urgently.

  Fried~Chips 23:13 24 Sep 2008

You think like me, I am still trying to source a problem and wonder if this problem is damaging other things hence reason for a new posting later.

  Stuartli 00:19 25 Sep 2008

If it was running at 123 degrees Celsius, it would be toast by now...:-)

My 320GB WD hard drive is currently running at 23 degrees Celsius (73 degrees F).

  DieSse 01:28 25 Sep 2008

"My 320GB WD hard drive is currently running at 23 degrees Celsius"

There isn't anywhere around here as low as that - outside the computer, or inside the computer.


  Stuartli 09:03 25 Sep 2008

What's the Spanish for "Non stop sunshine?" ..:-)

We have friends currently using one of their annual timeshare slots in Teneriffe - a couple of days ago they told us on the phone that it was "absolutely sheeting down".

Apparently this was the first rain the area had had since last April.

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