Seagate HDD

  Robotic_Rob 00:34 30 May 2007


I have just bought a Seagate HDD. Its a STM380211AS, ive searched on the internet and ive found its a Diamondmax 20. But when i look at the seagate website i cant find the correct jumper setting diagrams. It appears like there is 4 pins on the back of the HDD for the jumper settings. Could anybody shed any light on the matter?


  brundle 00:56 30 May 2007
  Robotic_Rob 01:15 30 May 2007

Like i say it only has four pins on the back for the jumper settings

  hastelloy 08:00 30 May 2007

Do SATA HDDs have jumpers??

  Quiet Life 13:06 30 May 2007

STM380211AS is a SATA hardrive. The pins are to either make it SATA 1 or SATA 2. It will come with them set to SATA 1.
SATA hardrives do not have jumpers for master slave as they are connected individualy to the motherboard.

  joe11ee 13:18 30 May 2007

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  Robotic_Rob 19:06 30 May 2007

If SATA HDD's dont have jumper settings, then why do my Maxtor Diamond 9 have the jumper pins that brundle found?

  Robotic_Rob 19:11 30 May 2007

The problem is that i have four HDD's. I can connect three of them and no problems. As soon as i connect the forth HDD my computer doesnt want to boot from the HDD with windows. I have two Maxtor HDD's and two Seagates. The Seagates wont work together, which is why i wondered about the jumper settings.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:34 30 May 2007

Diamond 9 click here

Diamond 20 and other sata jumpers

Jumpers on a sata drive allow the drive to be restricted to sata150 speed for boards with older controllers and also allow the size to be "clipped" so will work with older operating systems.

  Robotic_Rob 17:18 31 May 2007

So my problem isnt a master/slave problem. Does anybody know what might be causing my problem?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:26 31 May 2007

In BIOS check that ALL the SATA ports are Enabled.

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