Seagate hard drive exchange

  alcudia 12:40 28 Nov 2003

Recently had a Seagate hard drive fail on one of the office machines. I simply bought a new one and swapped them out. I have now discovered that the failed drive still has a years warranty on it, and if I return to Seagate they will replace it.

The problem is the drive has been used on a machine here in a solicitors office and although not having anything vital on it, there was some sensative data. I am therefore concerned that the drive is not read by anyone outside of this office.

I think I am pretty safe because when I tried to format it I got a message that there was no FAT. I then tried fdisk which completed and restarted continuously. After six times I switched it off.
I would just like confirmation that this drive is unreadable if an attempt was made using normal methods. If so I will return it. If not I will throw it away.

Many thanks.

  pj123 12:45 28 Nov 2003

I don't think you need worry if it is returned to Seagate. They will probably check it out and either "Low Level Format" it or chuck it in the bin.

  alcudia 12:49 28 Nov 2003

Thanks for your reply. I will send it back. At least I will have a spare.

And welcome back.

  vinnyT 12:57 28 Nov 2003

pj123 is right, however it really depends how sensitive the data is and how embarassing it would be for the company, if in say x months time someone contacts you to find out why the hard drive they have just received as new already has data on it relating to your buisness and/or your clients.

It maybe better to just write it off as tax relief and physically destroy the drive. Again this is an extreame measure and only you can really decide what action to take.

  MichelleC 13:21 28 Nov 2003

One of the few good tools on NSW is the 'wipe' which 0's to 2 levels.

  pj123 13:32 28 Nov 2003

I seem to remember some time ago that there was a Low Level Format option in the BIOS which returned the hard disk back to the original manufacturers "send out" state. ie. a completely brand new disk. I have just checked my BIOS and that option isn't there any more. Obviously, the manufacturer has that option so get it back to Seagate for an exchange disk. Let them deal with it. I am sure they won't let anyone else see any data on it.

  alcudia 13:44 28 Nov 2003

Just had a thought and checked the Seagate site.
Found a low level format utility and downloaded it. I will now put the disc in a spare machine here at work and try it out before sending it back. I understand it will take some considerable time. 40Gb.

By the way I replaced it with a Seagate 120gb disc and used the disc wizard utility from the website. Only took 20 seconds and it was ready for use.

Thanks everyone for your help.

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