Seagate GoFlex Home Network Storage System 2Tb

  PAE 16:25 14 Jul 2012

I bought this on the understanding that it was a device that I could access wirelessly and transfer files into and out of it.

  1. It is a good backup device for my desktop which is wired to it permanantly through my Router and backs up all my work continuously.

  2. I can connect to it wirelessly with my Laptop and download files for viewing only. I cannot edit those files or upload additional ones into this drive. This difficult as I do a lot of entry away from home.

  3. I followed the instructions on the Help File and hardwired the Laptop to my router with the result it totally wiped all my Desktop Data and replaced it with that from the Laptop. Has anyone had experience of this system and can they help me?


  robin_x 18:56 14 Jul 2012

Sorry no experience. Hopefully, some permissions need setting. A quick read thru' this search mentions something about data being wiped on a new setup.

Have you had a look/posted in Seagate forums?

Bit quiet here just now. Maybe someone will jump in.

Are you using XP/Vista/7/Mac?

Until you solve it, I suppose Dropbox/Google Docs or USB Flash sticks could be used for your work. Maybe you were doing that before buying the Golfex anyway.

  PAE 15:42 16 Jul 2012

I have looked around and this item seems to be a mystery, however for an additional $21 I can buy Memeo Sync from Seagate which is supposed to keep all my files in line. Fine except I do Family History and the file name changes every day which means because I do most of my research on the Laptop filenames will be totally different plus the programme will only open the latest file on saved that computer and not one that has been synced from the other computer. Seems I have bought an expensive backup for my Desktop to go with the cheaper Acronis backup I was already using. Back to USB sticks and GED files I guess. Thanks for trying.


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