seagate exturnal drive help needed

  blurayfan1986 21:01 14 Jul 2018

the 8tb seagate exturnal hardrive it either says local disk or t does not register but if i go too device management it shows up there and if i click on the local disk a warning comes saying unreadable or cuppruped is it possible too fix the device with the data intact the light of the device stays on all the time

  Taff™ 13:39 15 Jul 2018

Seagate are really bad these days. Two of my customers have had them fail, exactly as you describe, within their 2 Year Warranty. Unless you bought their additional cost, Data protection, they will want hndreds of pounds to even attempt to recover the data.

Warning! Do not open the Outer case yet! that will invalidate any Warranty in their eyes although that is questionable in UK and EU Law.

Sorry to sound pessimistic. Do as described above in a silent environment. Place a finger lightly on the HDD as you plug it in and listen for "Clicks" which are a giveaway for a failed disc. You may find it doesn't spin up.

Post back with the results. I have had several dealings with them.

  blurayfan1986 13:47 15 Jul 2018

ok if thats the case is the data recoverable em when i plub in and power on it still clicks and the light then lights up on the device

  Taff™ 14:38 15 Jul 2018

If you can hear it clicking, and you can detect it via your finger it is "Bricked" - sorry mate.

Only a specialist can recover the data if it can be recovered at all. I seemto remember it was ridiculous money from Seagate like £500.

Matters not if it is in or out of warranty. Their Warranty is only for the unit and not the data you store on it. If it is under warranty they will replace the drive when you return it to them.

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