Seagate external harddrive rejects amended files.

  ened 18:24 09 Sep 2007

I have taken delivery of a Seagate FreeAgent pro 750.

I have created a backup plan and put my pictures in to it.

Every time I modify a file (JPG/.doc & .psd are the ones I have tried so far) it refuses to back it up and the log shows error 8. In fact I just downloaded some jpegs from my camera and they havbe been rejected as well.

I cannot find the solution and there are limited help files.

Can anyone help please?

  ened 18:57 09 Sep 2007


Maybe someone has used or is using this.

I need to sort this out because the drive is useless to me if I cannot add extra files to the plan.

It is meant to monitor changes and automatically write them to the drive.

I think I might be missing something obvious but the manual/help is not very helpful.

Please somebody point me in the right direction.

  €dstowe 19:15 09 Sep 2007

I find Second Copy an extremely useful facility. It will back up anything you tell it to at any time you want it to.

It costs (not a lot) but there is a thirty day fully functional free trial

click here

  woodchip 19:21 09 Sep 2007

Can you see the Drive in Windows Explorer? if you can. Forget the Backup software and Right click the files and just drag them onto the disc. then click move or copy

  [email protected] 19:22 09 Sep 2007

heres a link to a thread and a link to the memeo forum
click here
click here
Browse the forum

  ened 21:18 09 Sep 2007

I can see the drive in My Computer but it is designed to install it's own pre-installed software. When I double click on it it just runs the .exe installation programme. This is frustrating but not the end of the world.

The point is the whole thing appears to be designed to be run through the memeo software.

I bought it because I want to be able to let it run in the background and automatically back up the files I am continually adding and changing.

*THE RAVEN* Thanks for those links - I was hoping to get a quick answer through someone on this Forum who has experienced the problem or who knows about these things. But I will register with them as well.

I can only assume this Seagate Drive was designed with someone more knowledgeable and experienced than me in mind, because there is no manual and their website is not much help either.

  ened 07:30 10 Sep 2007

I have spent hours trying to sort this out, I have upgraded the software (Memeo), uninstalled, reinstalled tried just about everything I know but it is still not working properly.

Any other ideas would be a big help.

The software is Memeo and they do not seem to have an answer to this on their forums even though there are many threads concerning it.

Off to work now.

  €dstowe 08:11 10 Sep 2007

"Any other ideas would be a big help."

Try the Second Copy program I gave in the link above. Don't mess about with programs that either don't work or that you don't understand.

  ened 11:21 10 Sep 2007

but the memeo software appears to be an integral part of this drive.

I tried removing it and the drive became inaccessable.

What I have learnt from this is not to buy a piece of Hardware with software pre-installed without checking out the software first.

I have been surprised and disappointed by this because Seagate is meant to be a reliable brand.

  ened 18:01 10 Sep 2007


I think I've sorted this out (touch wood)I will explain how through htis thread when I am confident, just in case there are any other forum members in the same boat.

Thanks to those who took the time to offer advice.

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