Seagate External Hard Drive problem

  Ian Taylor 13:02 03 Feb 2018

Hi I have a Seagate Expansion Desktop Drive (2TB) and it's stopped working. I plugged an incorrect power lead in (although I'm sure it was the correct voltage) and now it powers up (blue light is on) but my Windows 10 PC doesn't detect it in any way shape or form. I've tried disk management etc. Would I be right in thinking that even though the blue light is on there may be some other circuits fried somewhere and that (given the info I have supplied) I just need to transfer the drive to a new case and is this a simple process? Just wanted to check first before I start dismantling it as there are some important photos on from a friend's wedding. Thanks in advance guys

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:40 03 Feb 2018

Hopefully is just the USB bridge that's failed as you get no notification when you plug it in.

It contains a standard SATA drive which you could attach direct to your PCs motherboard with the appropriate cables or fit easily into an external case

The hardest part is prising the cover off click here see the video.

  alanrwood 13:42 03 Feb 2018

Yes you could have fried something else in the circuitry. There has to be an electronic interface between the input and the hard drive. That is possible what has occurred. There is also the possibility that it might have damaged the hard drive onboard electronics. Hard to say from the info you have provided.

I don't have any experience of that specific Seagate external drive and what interface it uses but you can't lose anything by putting the hard drive into a caddy and seeing if it picks up the drive and data. If you are handy you could even connect it as a second hard drive in your computer if it is a desktop.

  Ian Taylor 18:06 04 Feb 2018

Thanks for the replies guys. I've managed to narrow it down to being fried circuits but I'm going to install the hard drive as a second internal. Apparently there's a lead I need. Would these be the right ones? click here

  alanrwood 19:32 04 Feb 2018

Yes if Fruit Bat's info is correct and the enclosure contains a SATA drive. To be honest it is almost 100% likely to be SATA nowadays.

  Ian Taylor 11:50 05 Feb 2018

Great thank you, I'll let you all know how it goes if that's okay :)

  Ian Taylor 15:06 09 Feb 2018

Okay I'm now starting to panic :( I have bought a new enclosure and plugged everything in according to the instructions. THe lights come on to say the enclosure is powering up but my PC is STILL not seeing the hard drive. Please tell me there is another option

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