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Seagate external drive not spinning

  Vince Grasby 13:33 14 Jun 2016

I have an Iomega 1T external drive which I cant access. I can see it on Device Manager but it doesn't appear on ThisPC. The volume is showing on List Volume as E: but status is "No media". Disk is not spinning. Is there anything I can do?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:08 14 Jun 2016
  1. can you feel it vibrating?

  2. 3.5 or 2.5 drive does it have external power to it

  3. 3.5 check power to drive, 2.5 try another USb port and or USb cable.

  Bazzaman 16:43 14 Jun 2016

If it is USB powered (i.e no separate power supply) AND you only have it connected to a single USB port, then it could be that not enough power is being delivered via USB.

I've had this on a couple of USB drives. The solution has been a USB Y cable such as this one on ebay

The one in the ebay link is for a USB2 device. If your device is USB 3 you would need one with an appropriate USB 3 connector at the device end.

By plugging in to two USB ports on your PC it gets access to more (e.g. 2 x) power (note the data transfer still only occurs via one of the connections at the PC).

  Bazzaman 16:45 14 Jun 2016

And here's a link for a USB 3 variant: click here

  wee eddie 17:40 14 Jun 2016

If you are using a Laptop, their USB Ports rarely deliver sufficient power to run an old-fashioned External Hard Drive. As suggested, a splitter cable or external Power Source may be necessary

  Vince Grasby 12:02 15 Jun 2016

Thanks for the replies. It is a 3.5 drive with external power supply. The drive doesn't vibrate or make any sound. I have used it before on my laptop.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:33 15 Jun 2016

Check power to drive.

fully pushed into socket - socket working - cable fully pushed into power brick - fuse in plug - change cable if possible they are often just kettle leads - is there any voltage at jack plug to drive case?

  Vince Grasby 12:52 15 Jun 2016

Voltage going in is 5v

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:30 15 Jun 2016

so either case or drive is faulty.

Can you open the case? they contain a standard drive that you can either palce in another case or connect direct to your PC.

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