Seagate ext hard drive failure

  andy63walsh 12:08 28 Mar 2018

My seagate drive failed, tried everything, even took it to a so called recover specialist. I had an idea, remove the silver discs from inside the drive, buy a new same type, remove and replace with mine, still no luck. Can the silve disks be read somehow?

  wee eddie 12:16 28 Mar 2018

The actual disks have to be handled in a Dust-free environment. If those are what you have removed, your data is lost

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:37 28 Mar 2018

That's part of what recovery spealists do, but as wee eddie said, in a controlled enviroment as the clearances are so small a speck of dust can destroy the data on the disks.

If the recovery spealists can't retieve it and you have opened the drive then he data is gone.

  andy63walsh 13:15 28 Mar 2018

I thought so, amazing how just dust can ruin them.

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