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Seagate Expansion Drive

  Gummomarx 23:20 18 Sep 2013

A work colleague has thrust her external drive at me in the hope that I may access the files which are contained therein.

The drive isn't visible in My Computer, Device Manager and Disk Management. The flash of the drive's blue light is the only sign of life.

Extensive googling would suggest that the drive or the cable is kaput since all the solutions required some visibility, at least in Disk management.

Any ideas worth exploring?

  Secret-Squirrel 09:43 19 Sep 2013

Declanworld, if you can find another power supply with the same voltage and polarity then try that as it could be faulty. Just because the blue light comes on doesn't necessarily mean the power supply's working properly.

  Batch 10:22 19 Sep 2013

Is it USB powered or mains powered?

With USB powered, sometimes the USB ports can't provide enough power to power the drive properly. Lights may flash, but no one is home. You can get cables that have to USB connectors at the PC end, so that more power can be supplied (i.e. have a Toshiba drive that came with one of these).

If not USB powered. Could be faulty power supply, faulty USB cable, faulty electronics somewhere along the line.....

  Press Man 11:14 19 Sep 2013

What is the drive model / make. What type of files are on the drive?

  Gummomarx 21:18 19 Sep 2013

Thanks for your kind replies.

This is it.

It's USB-powered and contains video and photos. I've tried it in quite a few desktops and laptops without success. Seagate's troubleshooting area doesn't apparently deal with possibility that the drive is kaput.

  Press Man 10:09 20 Sep 2013

Two things to try, first, have you tried another cable to connect the drive? The other is to go here click here download the software and follow the instuctions.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:16 20 Sep 2013

Inside it will be a standard latop sata drive

As it is not showing in device manager looks like the USB to sata bridge or power side has failed. Hopefully the drive itself is OK

To get at the files remove the drive and put into another caddy or connect direct to the motherboard on another PC.

  Batch 11:18 20 Sep 2013

Noticed a typo in my post above, should say "You can get cables that have TWO USB connectors at the PC end..." As in:

click for USB Y cable

  Gummomarx 00:16 21 Sep 2013

Press Man: I tried that but it declared it couldn't find any Seagate product.

  Gummomarx 00:18 21 Sep 2013

*Fruit Bat /\0/* : It looks like a moulded unit - can't see a way in.

  Gummomarx 00:21 21 Sep 2013

Batch: The fact that it hasn't worked in any of the multiple PCs I've tried it in would suggest that power supply's not an issue.

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