Seagate Expansion 500GB External USB Desktop Hard

  wams 21:24 08 Feb 2010

I received the above hard drive today from and immediately started formatting the drive but rather than doing a "quick format" i proceeded with the standard format but i started at 15.00 today and it was still formatting at 20.00 tonight, i also noticed a burning smell coming from the power cable or USB cable from the rear of the external drive.

I cancelled the formatting as it was taking too long and proceeded with a "quick format" due to the burning smell and the drive formatted straight away.

Is it normal for a ext hard drive to take so long to do a standard format?

Is the burning smell normal as it was running for several hrs?

Should i return the ext hard drive to for a replacement? as the returns policy states that i need to pay for P&P and if they dont find any faults they will return item to me and i will be liable for the costs of P&P again.

  Technotiger 21:41 08 Feb 2010

Very often a new external hard drive comes already formatted, but if not, then only a quick format should be used.

  Technotiger 21:42 08 Feb 2010

PS, burning smell is not normal!

Personally, I would return it.

  wams 21:51 08 Feb 2010


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