seagate disk wizard "Dwwin" ?

  Morpheus© 15:44 05 Jun 2003

the story so far, now at the wits end... i installed, a while ago, a slave drive, and decided to transfer the whole OS over to use as a spare..early today i decided to use it as the main drive, so i downloaded disk wizard, because i want to transfer the lot over from the main drive to the slave, then i would change the jumpers over, and make it the master "with me so far?" it starts to go, gets as far as "format" then i get the error message up "fault in DWwin" which then goes into a loop which i can not get out of, only by pulling the plug out :-((

first..could it be, because it already has a OS on it?

second: is there another way i can do it? but bear in mind i must keep all what is on the main drive, and transfer it over...

thanks for any help.


  DieSse 15:59 05 Jun 2003

Try this click here it's been highly recommended.

  Morpheus© 16:31 05 Jun 2003

thanks for that....i will check it all out...

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