Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 2TB To Use With A Media Player via a desktop?

  uggly 20:29 28 Sep 2012

My computer is a three year old Dell Studio 540 running Windows Vista Home Premium with a 500Gb hard-drive which is now almost full of music.My soundcard is a Xonar D2X Audio Centre. I want to purchase the Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 2TB and transfer my entire cd collection to use with my media player.I need advice about the following before I make the purchase please.

I have 42000 tracks over 385Gb of disk space on the 500Gb Dell hard-drive in the computer. Once copied,I would like to eventually delete all the music from the Dell hard-drive and use only the Seagate to do the following using my MediaMonkey media player.

Convert the currently remaining files from WMA at mainly 192kbps to WAV at 1440kbps which is cd quality and which sounds very noticeably better than WMA. Can such conversions be done using an external hard drive to populate MediaMonkey in the same way I did them from the computer hard-drive?

Will I be able to 'rip' my cds or legal downloads directly to the external hard-drive and is my assumption correct that it will always have to be plugged in to the computer and left on.

I have never attempted anything like this, so for me its a step into the unknown. I do have three full backups I'm updating at the weekend to make sure that should something go wrong, it'll not be a disaster.

Thank you very much for your invaluable help and advice.

  Number six 23:32 28 Sep 2012

There is absolutely no way that converting from [email protected] back to WAV will improve the sound quality. WMA is a "lossy" format, that is, some of the fine audio detail of the original CD tracks is lost permanently and completely irretrievable.

You should be OK copying CD's and downloads directly to external HD, and yes, both PC and HD need to be powered up to work.

  uggly 10:42 29 Sep 2012

Thank you for your help Number Six. I have done a number of cds like this and I can detect sound improvement notwithstanding the fact 22 year-old cds weren't exactly mastered properly to begin with being somewhat flat.I'm sure the latter-days ones I've converted sound better.

Is my intended 2TB hard-drive a good investment for me as it will be in constant use with MediaMonkey though? I'm hopeful it will be.

Thank you.

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