Seagate baracuda 7200.11 failing?

  User-312386 23:24 15 Jan 2010

Hi all

The last 2 weeks my windows 7 home premimum has started locking up, luckily i have acronis and imaged over to another HDD and no problems.

I then formatted the Baracuda(sata) and at moment am doing a full disccheck to see if any bad sectors etc etc!


I thought i would pop over to the seagate website for a disc checking tool, which i downloaded and it cant detect the drive at all.

So any ideas on which tools to use from seagate to check the drive for faults? The website looks a little outdated and was wondering if they are not supporting the drives anymore!

  Diemmess 17:12 16 Jan 2010

If the dodgy disk is mounted internally check first what is shown in the BIOS.

If you listen closely and particularly if the HD is a temporary lash-up dangling (almost) by its leads, you should be able to hear some faint spinning sound.

If you have a suitable enclosure you could see if you can make a USB connection using that.

If there really is no sign of life whatsoever then IMO it has gone home.

I took look at the Seagate site. It isn't sparkling, but its downloads are presumably as up to date as you will find.
This is pretty fundamental stuff and only dates as new tech comes along.

  User-312386 18:39 16 Jan 2010

Ok ill mark this as resolved, after the diskcheck windows found some bad sectors and fixed them! I have re-imaged back to the baracuda and all is running fine now. Thanks for your help Diemmes

  canarieslover 19:34 16 Jan 2010

If checkdisk has found bad sectors I would look on it as a warning that all is not well with the drive and that a replacement should be purchased sooner rather than later.

  mac75 19:55 16 Jan 2010

i have a seagate 500gb sata hdd (ST350032AS) which had faulty firmware (SD15).had to update to(SD1A). if this was not done the drive could lockup and would be US. so i would check with seagate website to see if the drive you have has the same problem.


  User-312386 21:04 16 Jan 2010

As i have said i have been to seagate website and can not find any tool to update the drive, looks like we have the same drive mate! Any pointers

  retep888 00:16 17 Jan 2010

firmware update
click here

click here
(you might be using the window version however I prefer the DOS one ,just make sure the BIOS detects the drive)

  User-312386 00:25 17 Jan 2010

You are a star mate - used the DOS one and updated the firmware, lets see if i get lock ups again! Many thanks and ill now close this

Mac1 and retep888 many thanks for all your help and to all others

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