Seagate 2TB drive failed Expansion+

  andy63walsh 09:25 17 Apr 2019

My Seagate Expansion+ 2TB drive failed, I took it somewhere to repair and they can't do it, why do these fail, it's model number 1V9APA-500. I have another that seems ok, just never leave it plugged in all the time as I'm sure this is why they fail?

  wee eddie 10:24 17 Apr 2019

It has been said that disconnecting, while the write heads are operating, can cause failure and the only way is by using the USB Disconnection Tool.

Ethers have said that this is a load of baloney.

I prefer not to take the risk

  lotvic 10:50 17 Apr 2019

The Hard drive may still be under warranty, go to click here and enter your serial number to check.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:45 17 Apr 2019

A lot depends on what it has failed with.

The drive may have failed or the USB bridge / controller may have failed.

What exactly are the symptoms of the failure? CAn the PC see the drive but not read in in EXplorer, does it show in disk management?

  Menzie 00:00 18 Apr 2019

Drives can fail for a number of reasons; I use Seagate drives myself. My current system has 4 Seagate Green 2TB drives and a 2TB Barracuda drive.

These drives have been great and have been a part of my builds since 2011 (currently on my 3rd build since then). They haven't failed and are still going strong.

I have had other drives fail me in the past but this was due to power issues at my old place where the system went off suddenly.

How long have you had these drives? I believe the external models come with a 2 year warranty.

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