Seagate 160gb hard drive(Came with 'Time'computer)

  G0rdon 12:59 06 Oct 2003

Hi... Installed on my system is a 160gb seagate barracuda drive; my system was purchased a month ago from time comptuers.

On startup at room temperature recently (~22oC BIOS says...) there's a sound as if a motor's having a goes away after about 2 seconds.

The other hard drive in my comptuer is a 80gb western digital caviar - but i'm pretty sure it's not this one.

Anybody else have experience of strange noises from seagate drives starting up in a cold room? Especially the barracuda series...

I'm not going to send this computer back to time..i may contact seagate - it'll cost me £99 to get the computer there and back in total it's not worth it, a new drive would be cheaper.

Thanks in advance.


  stlucia 13:07 06 Oct 2003

Not sure what kind of sound you're talking about. My Western Digital 80Gb powers down if I don't use it for a while, and I can distinctly hear it when it powers up again.

  plankton 13:12 06 Oct 2003

Go onto the Seagate site and down load the diagnostic software, then check it out. Are u sure it isnt a fan, cos mines quite noisy on startup, and then quietens after a short while. (Ive got 2 Seagates, no noise problems)

  G0rdon 17:20 06 Oct 2003

It's like a severe whirring noise.... I know what you mean about power-up noise, it's definitely not that. It's hard to describe the noise - it's like a loud meeeeeeehhhhhhhhh noise - not smooth. Ever heard a cheap cdrom read a cd at very fast speed and it sounds like it's about to blow up?? It's like that noise...

I tried seagate's diagnostic stuff but it crashes my xp internet explorer and the windows software just doesn't work! It says 'seagate technologies' when u load it up then just quits.... :|!

  Gaz 25 17:27 06 Oct 2003

My IBM 120Gb makes a whirrr that is quite loud, sure its not supposed to do that, but it works.

  Rayuk 18:23 06 Oct 2003

Are you trying to diagnose drive from Windows??
Download the program and put on floppy then run it in dos

  wawadave 18:30 06 Oct 2003

sea gates are known for normaly being quiet.

  plankton 19:18 06 Oct 2003

Rayuk is correct, you need to put the diagnostics onto a floppy and run it in dos...

  G0rdon 20:05 06 Oct 2003

I done that and it found bad clusters.... uh oh! I'll try contact seagate - i think it might just be the fan to be honest but better safe than sorry. I'm annoyed at the bad clusters thing; the comptuer's not old and i'm pretty good with comps in general including maintenance - so it better not die on me!

  interzone55 22:05 06 Oct 2003

Don't contact Seagate, if they diagnose the drive as faulty they will give you a new drive, but without Windows installed.

Contact Time, it will cost you a premium rate number to ring them, but it's only the cost of shipping the PC to Burnley (not £99, that's the cost of the shipping warranty, the shipping is insured anyway. Just pack the base unit carefully). If the engineer finds the drive to be faulty, you will get a brand new one, with all the original software re-installed for you.

  G0rdon 06:12 07 Oct 2003

It took 9 hours, but I used seagate diagnostics to check it out. It said there was natural file system errors (natural's my way of saying these happen in all computers... it's sorted out when you start windows though most of the time) - so everything's perfect on that front just about. It must be a fan. I'm okay with that; i'm definitely not sending the hard drive / computer down to burnley - for the amount of bad press TimeComputers have and the turnaround time plus the delivery there and back (which is what i was reffering to, they themselves suggest £49 each way delivery, as is what it costs to get it delivered to your home in the first place) is just not worth it. They do seem a better company now I'd say but hey that's not what we're talking about here...

Thanks for your time anyway; i'm gonna open up the buggar and see where the exact problem is; but from experience I'd say everything's okay at the mo.

Ta again!


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