Seach engine issue (Adware/Spywear)

  villa1982 21:52 19 Nov 2008


Hoping someone can help me on this one, I have noticed that any search engine I use brings me up the results but when I click on the link to take me to that website it takes me to a adwear/spywear site.

This is the same for any search I do on any search engine.

I have downloaded Spyware Dr and Spyware Terminator and run scans - anything that it found i deleted - however this hasnt resolved the problem.

Can anyone help on this matter?

  skidzy 22:03 19 Nov 2008

Download and update Malwarebytes,then boot into safemode and run click here

  villa1982 20:45 24 Nov 2008

Thanks for your advice skidzy.

Unfortunately the nasty little thing infecting my PC has blocked me downloading all anti Malware software - or even going on anti malware sites!

I bought Kaspersky but can't activate the software or update it as it blocks me from doing so!

Anymore advice?

  MAT ALAN 20:50 24 Nov 2008

click here

you need specialist help, the link will provide that if you have diffuculty navigating that or downloading any software then a format and reinstall is probably the only way to go...

  villa1982 20:55 24 Nov 2008

Thanks Mat Alan - I cant get to the link you have posted

Rather than going down that route would the following work?

Downloading Malwarebytes to a friends pc - then burning the programme to cd - then loading onto my pc when the internet is off?

  villa1982 21:36 24 Nov 2008


  skidzy 22:20 24 Nov 2008

If possible download MBAM to a flashdrive or cd from another computer and try to install.

Can you get to the Malwareremoval link from click here

  The Potter 22:21 24 Nov 2008

Hang in there villa1982, I have this on my pc at work as a by product of some bug I had. I don't have the information to hand (it's at work) but I could post more tomorrow if you want?

I haven't tried it myself but there are a whole load of registry deletions you need to make (if you are up to it, I'm not confident so haven't). I have some links and other stuff relating to it which may be of use, although it's likely you will need another pc to view them. The software I was advised to use which gets rids of a lot is super anti spyware but like you, I had to download it on another pc as I couldn't access it on mine.


  The Potter 22:25 24 Nov 2008

NB: Maybe others could advise on what I am about to say because I don't understand what the implications may be fully .......

I was advised that once a clearing programme was run, turn off the auto system restore, reboot and then turn it back on again as the malicious files will only restore themselves on reboot.


  skidzy 22:37 24 Nov 2008

Do NOT turn off system restore yet.An infected restore point is better than no restore points.

If you can get to Malwareremoval,the experts will guide you through a cleaning process and will then flush your restore points.

At this time you need some tools to work with.

Editing the registry is not for the faint hearted,you can render the computer unbootable if a mistake is made.

Like ive said,your best bet for now is to download MBAM and Superantispyware to a flashdrive or cd and install from there.

Once done,try and get to Malwareremoval or VirusVault click here and the experts will help clean you up.

There is one tool that may help here if you are persistant on doing this yourself,however this is best left for an expert to advise you accordingly.

I could help on this but you are best at a specialist forum as above.

Finally if you wish to try a specialist tool without guideance,follow this link AT YOUR OWN RISK click here

Remember you have been advised to seek help with running this tool (Combofix)

  villa1982 22:41 24 Nov 2008

Thanks Skidzy but that link wont work for me... i can get to malwarebytes via a cached link but i cant get it to download!

And thanks The Potter I will try the programmes first and then try your resolution!! Will also try super anti spyware!


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