SDRAM memory upgrade question

  absolutebeginner 15:10 04 Feb 2006

I have just removed 128mb sdram from dimm slot 1 (dimm slot 2 empty) and installed 256mb sdrams into slot 1&2. System properties only show 256mb ram instead of 512mb???? Do I have to open up slot 2 and if so, how? Machine is Pentium 3 running Windows XP Home Edition. Many thanks.

  chub_tor 15:17 04 Feb 2006

Not sure what you mean by opening up slot 2 but it sounda aa if you either have a faulty 256 sdram or one is not seated properly. Take one of them out and re-boot, then repeat with the other one. This will tell you if one of them is faulty.

  xania 15:56 04 Feb 2006

On some Mobos, you used slots 1 & 3 rather than slots 1 & 2. Check your mobo manual for details of how to load a second stick.

  spuds 16:41 04 Feb 2006

Are the memory chips new and same make/type?.

I notice that you have opened another continuation thread click here Best if you placed all your replies on this thread, then people will know what is happening.

  absolutebeginner 14:41 06 Feb 2006

Memory chips are new from PC World but looks like different markings on chips from one board to the other. Took them back to shop and explained both chips read 128mb in my machine and not 256mb (inserted one, romoved it and inserted other). Their explanation was that on older machines pc could only read half the chip sizes. Talked about won't read fully if single sided chips but may read if board has double sided chips??? Anyway, thanks for all your help. Resigned to the fact that I can only upgrade to 256mb.

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