SDram memory reading only half?

  farnz 19:19 12 Dec 2003

I have just bought 256Mb memory to add to the 2 x 64Mb chips allready installed in my computer, but it is only reading 128Mb plus the 2 x 64Mb, why is this. It is an Asus K7M motherboard which is capable of 768Mb total, so is it an incorrect bios setting or is the memory chip wrong?
any ideas anyone?

  hugh-265156 19:24 12 Dec 2003

have you tried just inserting the 256 stick on its own to see if its recognised correctly?

  R4 19:27 12 Dec 2003

Could be your Memory slots are 128Mb Max. read your mobo manual to see the slot specifications

  farnz 19:36 12 Dec 2003

HuggyG71, I have just booted up with the single 256Mb stick & it only reads 128Mb.
R4, according to the info reviews on the net the board is capable of 768Mb total so this would seem to mean it can support 256Mb sticks in each of its 3 sockets. Its an old computer I am rebuilding for a friend, so I have no mobo manual or discs.

  hugh-265156 19:45 12 Dec 2003

the specs click here say it supports it ok.

can you exchange the module from where you purchased it.

  farnz 19:48 12 Dec 2003

Huggy, yes that is the review that I looked at too, I bought the stick from Scan UK so should be able to exchange it, but for what? it is Pc100 CL2 stick which is apparrently the correct one, never had these probs with my own computers!!

  hugh-265156 19:55 12 Dec 2003

you seem to have been sold 128mb instead of 256mb.either that or 128mb of the 256 stick is faulty.

  farnz 19:59 12 Dec 2003

Well it says 256Mb on the sticker? but it may be dodgy memory, I am contacting now to resolve this, I may try to put it in my computer to see what happens, but mine is PC133 DDR so not sure if I can do this.

  hugh-265156 20:13 12 Dec 2003

"I may try to put it in my computer to see what happens"

some mobos will support sdram and drr memory but usually you cannot mix it together.

  Trackrat 20:15 12 Dec 2003

You cannot fit single data memory into double data ram slots because the notches are in a different position

  farnz 20:32 12 Dec 2003

Trackrat, my mobo has slots for both, so thats ok.

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