SDHC not recognised

  m800afc 22:02 26 Oct 2008

Win XP Pro, SP3
I bought a 16Gb XtremeSDHC card for my holidays and used it with great success in my Nikon D80. My desktop and laptop card readers do not recognise it at all. I can read the card using a bog standard card reader from Poundland, (cost £1!!!!).
Is there a software fix available to enable my generic card readers in my machines to read and write to the SDHC card?

  skidzy 22:06 26 Oct 2008

Was the card formatted in Fat32,if so once you have the images saved/backed up i would be using NTFS for a card that size,i would be surprised if the card wasnt already in NTFS format.

  Technotiger 22:07 26 Oct 2008
  m800afc 22:48 26 Oct 2008

Thanks for the link Techotiger. Unfortunately the fix (KB934428-v3-x86-ENU) does not work with SP3.

On my desktop the fix installed but does not work. Now instead of getting a message that the disk is not accessible, there is not even an error message. Nothing.
On my laptop the system reports that the files on my system are newer than the files I am trying to install, so the installation will not take place.

Does anyone have any ieas as to what to do next?

  Zeppelyn 22:52 26 Oct 2008

You need a reader that will accept SDHC cards. Why not attach the £1 reader to Pc or laptop. I got caught out when I was given an SDHC card instead SD by Maplins.

  Technotiger 08:55 27 Oct 2008

I recently bought one of these, I don't have any SDHC cards, but other than that, I do know that it is a great reader - and it claims to read ALL cards including HDSC. For the small outlay, I reckon it is worth a shot. It arrived almost by return post (but there was a weekend involved).

click here

  m800afc 00:56 28 Oct 2008

Thanks everybody, I guess I will have to wait until Microsoft issue a fix that will work with SP3.
In the mean time I will use my £1 reader from Poundland, which reads SDHC cards.

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