sd ram or ddr ram?

  Optimo 11:56 11 Jul 2003

my mobo can take either sd or ddr, i currently have 128mb sd but im thinking of adding 512 mb. Am i better off with 640mb sd ram or 512 ddr ram? as the mobo can only use one type at a time and im not that flush.

  sil_ver 12:46 11 Jul 2003

I would go for the DDR. What O/S are you running? as Win9x doesn't like more than 512Mb of any sort not sure about ME. Having said that I believe there is a workaround.

  Quiller. 13:23 11 Jul 2003

Go for the 512Mb of ddr ram. It is now cheaper than sdram.


is right that windows9X, this includes M.E. does not like anything over 512Mb of memory. There is a work around for 9X
click here

This can take the memory upto 768Mb with out any deterioration to the system.

Of course win 2000 and X\P can take up to 3 gig. I believe.

  h04x 13:33 11 Jul 2003

win 2k and xp can handle as much as u will throw at them, this is because xp and win2k use a ntfs fileing system, where as the rest use a fat32 system, windows 9x and me will howeve support more than 512mb, but it will slow it down, 512mb will be its peak performance, add anymore and it slows the pc down, sounds crazy i know but it is the way it goes,

  Diemmess 16:06 11 Jul 2003

Already, motherboards which will accept SDRAM are becoming scarce.............You really should go for DDRAM if only because alternative hardware is becoming scarce for replacement/repairs....

I use SDRAM, and for that matter W98SE but fear the day when I will have to change.

Echo both earlier threads which mentioned 512Mb as a max for W98. Beyond that and its like you have lost all power! The workaround is awkward and not that special except where you may be running a later O/S as well

Windows98SE is a good system and for single operator use is fast for most purposes with (in my view) 256Mb worth every byte, but the law of diminishing returns steps in after that.

  beastieboy 16:17 11 Jul 2003

Go for DDRAM as it's twice as fast anyway - well.... just assume it is


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