SD Memory cards - does quality depend on price?

  Ohnjay 14:51 06 Mar 2005

I realise that a 512 card will store more than a 256 card, but some retailers I have found on the web sell 512 cards for just a few pounds more than others charge for 256 cards, while others are twice the price. Will the final image taken on my Kodak DX7630 camera depend on the price of the storage card? In other words is the image quality better on a 256 card that costs me £20 than the image quality of a 256 card costing £10?

  Salinger 15:02 06 Mar 2005

Two threads on the same subject will merely dilute your answers and confuse members.

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  TomJerry 15:17 06 Mar 2005

no matter what card you use, there is NO effect on picture quality as long as it works. This is the beauty of digital world. For digital stuff, you either have it (1) or have not it (0). This is not like tape.

Only differnece will be (a) reliability (b) speed

I use some cheaper ones bought from ebuyer (not Ebay) click here and they all work fine in digi camera, pda, phone and mp3 player. But for camera, I recently replaced with Sandisk's Ultra II card becuase it is much much fast so I do not need to wait long between each shot. But, you need to check if your camera support it.

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