SD Memory cards for Digital Camera and size ?

  Giggle n' Bits 01:27 09 May 2004

Ok, These SD Cards/memory for digital cameras come in varoius sizes like 64MB, 128MB & 256MB

Problem; how do you know or can anyone give me a rough idea how many pics can you get on a 64Mb, 128MB or 256MB SD Card please. ?

  hugh-265156 02:40 09 May 2004

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  Simon_P 02:46 09 May 2004

On the resolution (mega pixels) of the camera.

For example A 3 Mp camera in the highest setting will be able to store approx 80 - 90 images on a 128 MB card.
64 MB approx 40
256 MB approx 160

Most cameras will have multiple settings

Most cameras will recalculate after each shot.

This will also depend on the composition of the photograph, (more detail/colours = more memory needed.

If you are after buying a card get the biggest you can afford

Hope this helps

  Giggle n' Bits 13:39 09 May 2004

I should have said its a 4Mp camera.

I take it that any of the SD Cards can fit any make of camera as I talk about a kodak easy share DX6440 so it doesn't have to be a Kodak branded SD Card ?

  Simon_P 21:14 09 May 2004

However it is possible that some brands may cause errors (very unlikely)
Some manufactures post lists of the equipment that cards have been tested on, on their websites.

  Muckle 21:39 09 May 2004

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