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  [DELETED] 15:51 06 Jan 2006

I have about 800 mp3 files on my hard drive and am trying to copy them to a series of 512 mb cards. The card will copy about 180 files but then stops and says that the file cannot be opened.If I delete a mp3 it will accept another one.This is the same with the other new cards also.I used db poweramp to convert all of the files.I am the administrater and only user of the machine.

How can I solve this problem please.


  [DELETED] 15:53 06 Jan 2006

Am I am missing something but surely 180ish mp3's will fill a 512MB card. Hence why you can not copy any more

  woodchip 15:58 06 Jan 2006

Yes I think the cards are full, You should right click the card Properties for how full

  [DELETED] 16:13 06 Jan 2006

Hi and thanks for the reply.The bit rate of the mp3s has been reduced to 96. Also the cards are not full otherwise the machine would tell me.Also it shows only abot 250mb of the 512 used.

  [DELETED] 17:01 06 Jan 2006

have you checked the actual size available on a blank card before you start to copy, it sounds like the cards are 256mb and not 512 as you say. it could be that you were sold the wrong size sd cards.

worth checking.

  [DELETED] 18:43 06 Jan 2006

Thanks paperman27.

Yes both before and after writing to them.
I rt. click and go to properties and the pie chart shows a whole chunk as unused but the card will accept no more.I get the cannot be opened message.


  [DELETED] 19:15 06 Jan 2006

I've got about 300 MP3 files and they take up 2.07 gigs of disk space and you're try to get 800 on 512M ???


  [DELETED] 19:22 06 Jan 2006

seedie, you have not read the posts! Obviously I am not trying to get them all on one card.I would like to get ore than 250 mb on to a 512 card???

  [DELETED] 19:56 06 Jan 2006

ok HYPNO my fault; something I've swallowed ;)

CD :))

ADDEndum just spent 1/2 hour trying to get onto this site with new email address Doh!


  [DELETED] 20:03 06 Jan 2006

No probs. Happy new year.

  [DELETED] 18:48 07 Jan 2006

Thanks to all who tried to help me.In the end it turned out that my cards had a limit to the number of files they would accept in one folder.I deleted one mp3 and created a sub folder.I was then able to insert another 92 mp3s into the subfolder.The bit rate of 96 is fine for the quality of my player for pop songs.
I offer this info. in case anyone else encounters the same problem. Don

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