sd cards or usb sticks

  Dasmad 10:17 21 Apr 2011

with sd cards so handy for transfer of photos between camera and pc, and enormous capacities available, is there any point in using usb sticks ? is one system cheaper, faster, or handier in some way I haven't imagined, or is there some downside I'm not aware of ?

  tullie 10:24 21 Apr 2011

You cant use a usb stick between camera and pc can you,so theres two different issues here.

  woodchip 10:32 21 Apr 2011

I use both, but SD cards tend to be cheaper. Be aware of Speed ratings on SD cards, the Higher the speed the more they cost

  Thalmus 10:33 21 Apr 2011

Also, when transferring data you need to make sure that both machines have a SD card reader or carry one around with you. USB sticks have no such limitation

  VideoSentry 12:36 21 Apr 2011

Get a SD card reader ( USB ) then you can have the benefits of both ,and when you upgrade you just pay for the SD Card !

Card readers start at @ £2

  Muergo 14:37 21 Apr 2011

I agree with VideoSender, I have a USB reader same size as a memory stick and just change SDHC cards from different applications or different cameras, I would not use a £2 SD card for camera work, I have a new SDHC Extreme plus plus .... cost £26 even with a 50% discount but it enables non stop movies at speed, you obviouslt don't need that for stills but I would get a fast SDHC Typelll if you are shooting stills in quick succession as it will not slow you down by taking a second or so to load between each one.

  canarieslover 15:57 21 Apr 2011


Cor you slash out a bit!! I got mine in the 99p shop.

  canarieslover 16:00 21 Apr 2011

For 'slash' read 'splash'

  Muergo 16:13 21 Apr 2011

How many photos do you take that you want to keep forever ? of grandchildren, or wife leaving home, compared to the cost of the camera I wouldn't cut corners by using rubbish inside it, when I was shooting miles of film I always used Kodak Kodachrome or Ektachrome not free rolls and cheap processing and it shows up when I see other peoples images of 50yrs ago that have gone all orange or shades of pee green!

  robin_x 19:36 21 Apr 2011

I use microSD with adapters. Can use in phone then too.

click here

  rdave13 19:43 21 Apr 2011

Trouble is technology advances at such a rate that whether it's a usb drive or cards they might be defunct in the not too distant future. Who knows in this digital age?

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