SD card storage corrupting files

  cybernut 11:14 27 Dec 2016

Hi I have been storing films in various formats (AVI, mpg mp4 mkv and dvd's) on various SD cards with 256 gb. I tried to to play one the other day and it says can not render file and various other error messages. i use mpc-hc player, vlc and got several other ones. i tried other computers and other files, i got i laptop which allows the card to be plugged in direct and i got usb adapters. the cards appear to corrupt the files, but as there are so many different cards and files i find that hard to believe. the cards are fat formatted. any ideas please how to fix the files or what is going on? am i missing the obvious lol?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:01 27 Dec 2016

The obvious is that SD cards are not good media to store films on. You would be better off with a portable USB drive.

FAT32 gives a file size limit of 2G.

I hope you have back ups on a hard drive somewhere because its unlikely you can easily fix the corrupted files.

  Burn-it 16:45 27 Dec 2016

Are you using "safely remove" for those media after writing to them? If not there is a good chance that the data may not even get properly written. Windows has a nasty habit of showing data written to the buffers when showing the percentage complete bar. This does NOT mean it has been written to the device. The best way is to wait until well afer the the light on the device stops flashing or use the "safely remove" option. Windows could delay actually writing for a considerable time if other higher priority I/O activity is taking place.

  cybernut 09:23 28 Dec 2016

They are various sd cards, they are not all 256 some are 32 some 64 etc, they are various makes like Kingston scandisk etc. I also use several different computers with different operating systems like windows 10, 7 and the old xp some with an usb stick and some plug in direct, yes I have after moving the files played some and they are fine. Now they are not. I have also ejected them via the taskbar “safely remove hardware”. My laptop is only 1 year old from new and can take sd cards this size. So different cards different computer different plug in system yet movie files are not playing but they are there alright, pictures and text files display/open ok. The cards are mainly used to archive stuff and we are talking on several cards Terabytes of stuff and therefore too many disks would be needed. Because of different cards, makes and system of use I find it hard to believe they are all duff and that would be strange odds.

  Forum Editor 09:48 28 Dec 2016

What happens if you drag a movie file from a card onto your hard drive and try to play it?

  cybernut 10:17 28 Dec 2016

Still the same error "cannot render the file" in mpc-hc player and vlc is just a blank screen and not doing any thing but pretending to play

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