Sd card as stopped working.

  Carl p 13:59 12 Jan 2018

Hi all. I've got a new micro sd card thats as stopped working it says it need formatting. I've put it into my laptop and it's recognising the card I've right clicked on the icon gone to properties then tools then error checking as tech advisor as suggested but that says disc check could not be preformed because it's not been formated.can anyone please help I've got lots of photos of my family. Thanks

  Aitchbee 14:27 12 Jan 2018

I would suggest trying a cheap [ £1 ] Multi-Card Reader which supports Micro SD/SDHC from Poundland and see if that shows up your photos. Do not format it, as you will lose everything on it. Try it on a different computer if possible.

  Carl p 14:34 12 Jan 2018

Thank you for the prompt reply. ive tried on 3 computers and 2 phones only my laptop recognises the card so I followed the instructions off tech adviser but it doesn't give further information. I will pop and buy a cheap card reader on way home thank you.

  KEITH 1955 17:31 12 Jan 2018

if you have anymore problems with sd card simply open the card to view all folders/photos then copy and paste them to the my pictures folder on your computer , it will then be safe to format the card as requested..... if the card wont format look on the edge of it to see if the tiny tab has been moved.

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