sd card reader problem on acer desktop

  the blade master 14:29 22 Aug 2013

hi guys now ive a bit of a strange problem my multiple card reader has suddenly stopped reading my sd cards when I turn on my pc the light flashes as tho the pc is reading but when I put in any sd cards not a thing happens its a acer m3910 desk top computer using windows 7 64bit pc every thing else is fine as are the sd cards (tried all cards on other pc,s and they work fine) just thought id ask you guys before I invested in a new card reader for any idea,s thanks mick

  alanrwood 11:09 23 Aug 2013

If it is a separate card reader try it in a different computer. If it does not work in that one then I guess its a case of consignment to that great electronic graveyard in cberspace

  the blade master 11:47 23 Aug 2013

hi alan its one that's built into the pc so ive more or less resignd my self to buying a new one I thought maybe it was a driver issue but im not to sure about that still new ones are cheap enough. thanks for the reply mick

  alanrwood 14:29 23 Aug 2013

I would try looking for an updated driver first as an internal one is more convenient to carry around. Look in Control Panel/System/Device Manager and see if the Reader is recognised and then try to search for an updated one.

  the blade master 13:39 24 Aug 2013

ok alan just to let you know it is listed in device manager as disk drives each slot is listed as a different drive each drive is listed as working fine so its got me beat mick

  alanrwood 15:25 24 Aug 2013

Try deleting them all from Device Manager. Then reboot and see if Windows reinstalls them with different drivers.

Just as a matter of interest have you tried opening Windows Explorer when a memory card is inserted. Normally the drives don't show unless there is something in it to read.

Or alternatively you can go into Windows Explorer/Tools/Folder Options - General and tick on Show all Folders and also on Auto Expand to current Folder. Then in the View Tab put a tick in Show Hidden Files and Folders and untick Hide empty drives in Computer Folder.

  the blade master 14:52 25 Aug 2013

hi alan tried all the above but nothing happens all the drives are listed in device manager apart from that and the green light flashing when I turn the pc on absolutely nothing happens so maybe theres a fault in the card reader that says all is working but nowt happens so with that ive orderd a replacement from amazon. thanks for the help tho mick

  alanrwood 16:38 25 Aug 2013

No Problem. As what looks from your post you are a fellow Yorkshireman, just trying to save you some brass.

  the blade master 15:15 26 Aug 2013

hi alan thanks for that but replacemets are cheap enough but heres one final piece of info if I click on start then click on computer all the drives are listed there but one the sd card drive with or without a card inserted into the slot don't show but when I put in a memory stick into any usb port it shows there so its any bodys guese really thanks mick

  alanrwood 18:49 26 Aug 2013

The fact that a USB memory stick is detected is not related to whether an internal card reader is detected or not. From what we have discussed it seems as though the internal card reader is faulty and you have the choice of replacing the internal one which involves opening up the case or using an external USB connected one which should work just as well

  the blade master 12:28 27 Aug 2013

hi alan many thanks for your help I am using an external sd card reader which works fine theres a new internal one on its way here so hopefully all problems will be sorted once again thanks for your help regards mick

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