SD Card proteted in Linux and Windows

  SirMetal 15:52 14 May 2010

Hey guys.

In another post, I mentioned that I use an external Micro SD card (in an adapter) as my primary storage device on my Eee PC 701.

My question now, however, is why does it also say that the card is protected? (Can't delete files, can't cut etc.)

I've tried it under Eeebuntu (basically Ubuntu designed for the Eee PC's) and Windows 7.

Each time it says that the card is protected; no matter if the lock on the card is on or off.

Any ideas? It's really bugging me!

  octal 19:58 14 May 2010

It could be a permissions problem. I'm not sure what version of Linux the Eee pc is using, but try right clicking the drive and see if there is a Securities tab and if you have then make sure that against your name you have read and write permissions, if not then you should be able to change them.

  octal 20:00 14 May 2010

I've just noticed that you said it uses a version of Ubuntu, then that should work OK. I must learn to read posts properly :)

  SirMetal 20:04 14 May 2010

The only tab I could find that was related to what you said was the "Permissions" tab; when I click on it, it says "The permissions of "MEMORY CARD" could not be determined."

Any more ideas?

Thanks for the help so far!

  octal 20:19 14 May 2010

It definitely sounds like it is a permissions problem, if I had that problem in my Ubuntu then I would just nip over to root administrator and change them there, but I'm not sure about the Eee version because I don't know how they work and if they have a root admin or not, sorry.

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