SD Card problems

  rawprawn 07:23 06 Apr 2010

My SD Card slot has stopped working, in device manager it says there is no driver installed. I have tried uninstalling and rebooting, I have tried searching but can find no drivers. I can still use my camera through a USB connection, and I get the same thing using another card. Has anyone any suggestions, or has my card reader gone pear shaped?

  mooly 08:41 06 Apr 2010

Just wondered if it was W7 ?
Seem to be a lot of problems if you google that.

A hardware problem woudn't be top of my list, have you tried system restore ? although bit of a long shot I guess.

  Graphicool1 09:01 06 Apr 2010

I think you'll just have to get a new card reader. I have a USB 2.0 54 in 1 card reader, it didn't last very long. It still works, but intermittently. Luckily for me - or unluckily, depending how you look at it - I didn't get it to use with my camera, as to upload pics from that I use a USB lead direct.

The card reader was intended to be used for prospective clients, commissioning me to do specific pictures of anything. Whatever camera they had I thought I would have it covered and probably would have. So far though it hasn't proven to be a problem, as those wanting me to do pictures have been producing photo's. Still, just in case I got a PictBridge device. With this I can transfer pictures from any digital camera that has a USB lead. I plug the lead into the bridge and a memory stick and just transfer the data. Anywhere, anytime, have PictBridge will travel.

  rawprawn 10:47 06 Apr 2010

Yes Windows 7, I did Google and I tried one or two things without success.I don't think System Restore would help because it has been some time since I used it, probably around Christmas.

  rawprawn 10:49 06 Apr 2010

I don't think I will bother with new Card reader, I can manage OK with the USB connection.

  mooly 12:03 06 Apr 2010

One possible way to prove it is to image your HDD (Acronis), then reinstall W7 and see if it works then.

Then depending on the outcome consider the options.

  rawprawn 12:27 06 Apr 2010

Yes thats a possibility, but at the moment I have a household crisis, we have a blocked sewer, and I'm afraid it looks like a Dynorod job so it will have to wait.
Thanks for the suggestion.

  rawprawn 13:37 06 Apr 2010

I will tick this resolved as it may be sometime before I have chance to play around with it.

  mooly 17:16 06 Apr 2010

:) If you have any luck let us know.

Hope the Dynorod goes OK lol.

  rawprawn 17:45 06 Apr 2010

Hi mooly,I'm in the proverbial! the sewer in question turns out to be buried under one of the lawns.
I will have to spend tomorrow digging out to find the problem before I can call Dynorod.
I am not looking forward to the next few days, A) digging out at 72 is not good for ones health. B) The costs involved are not good for the financial position.
Hey Ho, thats life!!!

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