sd card problem + winxp

  Ballie 21:20 17 Sep 2005

I have just bought a Sandisk 1GB SD card, I put it in my Sandisk 6-1 (usb)card reader and it does not show up. Then after a few seconds all the 6-1 card reader drives start to disappear !

When you plug in the 6-1 card reader it shows up in my computer under "Devices with removable storage" and lists the drives as "Removable Disk" G, H, I and J when I install my 512mb sandisk compactflash card (for my camera) it works fine, it shows the card as cannon EOS and you can access the drive, but when I put the new SD card in (yes I am putting it in the SD/MMC card slot-the right way round) it does not show anything and then after a few seconds one by one the drives G,H,I and J disappear, including the drive G that has the compactflash in. I have tried it with out the compactflash in the 6-1 reader but the same happens.

  pauldonovan 21:46 17 Sep 2005

..sandisk's support area? For example I went there and searched for SD and found this which may be same or similar:

click here=

If it isn't something like that, sounds like the SD card might be the issue if it is fine with compactflash. Do you have any other media reader to try the SD card with?

  pauldonovan 21:47 17 Sep 2005

..that link didn't work. You can try adding an = to the end of that address OR just go to click here and find their support area for your product and search for SD in it!

  PA28 22:33 17 Sep 2005

Are you sure your card reader caters for SD or that you are using the right slot? I'm not being flipant here; I only ask this question as I have a Belkin 4 in 1 and it caters for most cards - except SD! Even though it has a slot that looks likes an SD will fit.

  Ballie 23:17 17 Sep 2005

it clearly says on the slot SD/MMC

  pauldonovan 00:25 18 Sep 2005

..i made a suggest - any use?

  woodchip 00:28 18 Sep 2005

As the SD been formatted in the hardware you are using it in

  Ballie 08:50 18 Sep 2005

Pauldonovan, thanks but I have looked on the sandisk website and con not find anything relating to my problem.

woodchip, the card is to be used in my cars mp3 player it needs to be formated to FAT32 (according to the cars manual) but I thought I could formate it though win xp, I know my win xp is NTFS but my CF card is FAT and that works.

What I can't understand is why when you insert the SD card it removes the 6-1 usb card reader from the pc ! and to get the card reader to show up in my computer again you have to un-plug it remove the SD card and then plug the card reader in again !

  Klof Ron 12:50 18 Sep 2005

Could be a duff card. Have you considered formating the card in your camera, then re-format to fat 32 on the PC.

  Ballie 20:22 18 Sep 2005

I will try formating it in a camera, and then report back in a few days

  PC Bilbo 20:59 18 Sep 2005

I know you looked at Sandisk Web but did you look for updated drivers?

Try here for a later one for your model readerclick here

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