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SD CARD PHOTOS DELETE - is there a fix for this?

  laptopdunce 11:11 06 Sep 2016

I have read somewhere that windows updates for W8.1 have made it impossible to delete photos from a camera CD card, this has happened to me on my W8.1 laptop but I can delete the photos from the SD card on my W7 laptop, is there a fix for the W8.1 laptop to enable it to delete photos from an SC card when it is put in the slot of the W8.1 laptop? thanks laptopdunce

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:39 06 Sep 2016

I can only think that win 8.1 is showing the card as read only or you do not have the security premissions for the card

try right click the card properties untick read only if ticked and see if they will delete then.

or look at the security tab under properties and change the permissions to full

  laptopdunce 12:33 06 Sep 2016

OK I will have a look at that now.

  laptopdunce 12:40 06 Sep 2016

again this typical "always happens to me" - I right clicked on the SD card and there is nowhere to be seen "read only" and in the properties tab there is absolutely no "security" tab, only Gneral, tools, hardware, sharing, readytoboost and customize - why does this ALWAYS happen to me!!!!????

  laptopdunce 12:45 06 Sep 2016

OH WOW, I have just tried to delete photos from this card and now it is doing it!! I dont know what could have caused this, maybe the windows updates have corrected it!! a few weeks ago it wasnt deleting from the SD card and I googled it and found that it was the windows updates on W8.1 that is a known fault that stops the delete option from an SD card, how odd it is now allowing me to delete! much better as I hardly ever use my W7 computer, only for printing, well at least its fixed, thanks laptopducne

  laptopdunce 15:15 06 Sep 2016

Its doing it again now!! just put the card in again and now it wont let me delete the photos or turn them around, just like it was before! I wonder what can be causing this, I deleted all the excess photos before on this laptop so I know I am not imagining this!! very odd!! Laptopdunce

  laptopdunce 15:36 06 Sep 2016

Its the SD card that is at fault!!! I have just used a different 2gb card, not a sandisk like the other one and took some photos, this one has got that "card attributes" in the properties when I open it up and there are three boxes to tick, on this card, Read only, hidden and archive, those dont show at all on the Sandisk card, in fact when I went into that cards properties it came up with "write protected" or "copy protected" so its the card that is a fault. Well at least its not the computers fault, thanks laptopdunce

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