SD Card or Camera Issue

  Declanworld 00:23 29 Sep 2014

I've been having trouble with my Sandisk SD card. Files and folders are showing with gobbledegook names in Windows Explorer. I'm hoping it's the card, nor the camera.

Have a look, please.

enter link description here

  Declanworld 22:05 29 Sep 2014


  Woolwell 22:07 29 Sep 2014

Do the images open OK?

  Declanworld 22:11 29 Sep 2014

Some do, some don't. I seem to get most or all of them via a card recovery program but I can't be sure unless I'd counted every shot as I took them.

  Woolwell 22:15 29 Sep 2014

Regrettably it may be either a card or camera writing problem. Can you try a different card?

  BRYNIT 08:19 30 Sep 2014

Have you tried reformatting the card?

  Declanworld 23:53 05 Nov 2014

The issue has now occurred with the different card! Must be the camera or the card reader.

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