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SD Card Folders with missing pictures

  ABizzle888 17:10 11 Jan 2020

Hi! When travelling last year I had a 16GB SD card in my Sony Xperia X and as the phone memory was filling up I moved pictures and videos into folders on the SD card which I created through the phones 'Album' app. Now I am back in England I have been backing up all of our photos and when I have come to backing up the above mentioned SD card using my laptop, all of the folders I created are either completely empty or contain just one or two videos, however the SD card is still saying there is no capacity, so I'm assuming the photos I moved into the folders are somewhere else on there. Does anyone know where I might be able to find these photos? Appreciate any help, and please let me know if you need anymore info to help you, help me! Thanks, Andy

  difarn 18:29 11 Jan 2020

When you connected your phone to your laptop did you get a message on your phone that said something like "connected as media device/ touch for USB options"? If so did you select the media device option?

  ABizzle888 18:56 11 Jan 2020

Hi! I've been accessing the micro SD card by putting it into an adapter then into my laptop that way. Will this make a difference?

  difarn 20:50 11 Jan 2020

You could try connecting your phone to your laptop via a cable and see if it is recognised that way and you get the message about connecting as a media device.

  ABizzle888 08:50 12 Jan 2020

Thanks, I'll give it a try. I did pop the SD card back into my phone to try and find the photos on there that way, but again the folders where showing as empty :-\

  difarn 19:26 12 Jan 2020

Have a look at this YouTube video about folders showing empty on android phones and see if the solution works for you.

click here

  ABizzle888 23:26 13 Jan 2020

Thanks! I'll give this a try tomorrow and let you know how it goes.

  Kassia 03:20 14 Jan 2020

Hello, Maybe you can try some recovery tool I think it's quik and efficeient. I have used the Bitwar Data Recovery to recover my lost photos and videos, this program is free, so maybe you can also have a try.

  ABizzle888 22:41 14 Jan 2020

I've tried what the youtube video said but no luck unfortunately. anything else you can think of?

I can try the recovery tool but i don't think the photos are lost, they're just not showing :/

  difarn 15:56 15 Jan 2020

Have you checked to see if there is a lock switch on the sd card that has been put into the lock position?

With your sd card inserted into the PC have you tried opening file explorer, going onto this PC/Computer, view, then ticking the box "hidden items"?

When you put the sd card into your PC does it in fact show that there is data on it?

  ABizzle888 20:06 18 Jan 2020

I've tried viewing the SD card on my laptop with the lock switch both ways and still nothing. I've tried ticking and unticking the hidden items option as well and still nothing!

Theres definitely data on the SD card as the capacity is showing as almost full and a few of the folders i created contain one or two files in them.

What a nightmare!

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