sd card files not showing up on phone

  Dai Cae 00:01 30 May 2017


Can anyone help me please?

I have 128gb sd card which I am having trouble with. I am currently ripping my entire cd music collection onto my pc and copying it onto my sd card so that I can have all of my music on my phone which is a Galaxy S5.

I was initially ripping an album and copying it to the sd card 1 disc at a time but while I was organising the albums into folders for different genre's etc I came across some which I was unable to move as it said they were corrupted.

In an attempt to overcome this I formatted the sd card and started to copy my music to the sd card again. This time though, rather than copy the albums one at a time I copy copied a whole folder which was approx 16gb.

When I put the card into my phone I found that less than half the music was showing up in the music player app and on checking the card there were only about 7gb on it. I also tried copying 1 album from the pc to the sd card and checking that it was on the card and complete but when I put the card into my phone the album didn't show up.

Also, a couple of the albums were showing up on the phone as 2 separate albums with the tracks split up between the 2.

Could this be an issue with my pc or maybe just a duff sd card?


  Dai Cae 15:56 31 May 2017

Thanks for fuck all!!!

I've worked it out myself now.

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