SD card & Canon Camera

  KharymRasool 12:49 11 Nov 2014

I recently purchased a Canon ixus 220 hs and a 32GB sandisk SDHC card, it all works fine, and I have been uploading videos to my laptop to edit. The first video I was able to view and save fine, the second also, however I noticed that the first video was now gone from the SD card, What I mean is it appears to have erased or something, I can only view what I have most recently recorded, is there a reason for this should I have formatted the card or something along those lines, I'm fairly inexperienced & new to the process of filming & viewing therefore help would be appreciated, Regards,

  KharymRasool 12:51 11 Nov 2014

Side note - it is when I film, take the sd card out of the camera, and then put into my laptop that I cannot view any previous film other than what I have most recently recorded,

  BRYNIT 13:56 11 Nov 2014

Are you saying you cannot see the video from the card via the camera or via the laptop?

How did you transfer the video from the card to your laptop?

If you are trying to view the video from your camera after you have edited it on the laptop the camera may not be able to read the file.

  KharymRasool 18:20 11 Nov 2014

Hi Brynit,

basically I filmed one film on my Canon camera, then I took the sd card out, placed it in the sd slot in my laptop, uploaded and edited, I then later took the card out and placed it back into my camera, I then filmed a second video, took the sd card out again and placed it into my laptop to upload and edit, Once doing this I could see that the original first video was not on the sd card anymore, only the second video,

I hope this makes it clearer, looking for answers, thanks

  Woolwell 19:21 11 Nov 2014

Did you copy the first video to the laptop or move it? What software did you use to import the video? Is the first video on your laptop?

  KharymRasool 22:08 12 Nov 2014

Hi WoolWell, I believe I copied it to the folder, however may have moved it, to import the video all I did was put my SD card into my laptop, and I think it opened and played using the regular windows movie application, The first video is on my laptop yes, maybe I should try film a third video and see what happens,

thanks for responding

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