scsi writer problem

  cossie121uk 11:17 15 Jun 2003

im trying to get windows to boot off a scsi cdwriter.ive gone into bios changed it to boot cdrom, i got nothing so i tried scsi still nothing.can anyone help me

  powerless 11:19 15 Jun 2003

What are you trying to boot?

  cossie121uk 11:28 15 Jun 2003

im trying to install windows as i dont have a floppy drive.i only have cdwriter and win98se which will allow you to boot from the cd to install but i cant get it to boot from the scsi cdwriter

  jimv7 12:10 15 Jun 2003

You dont boot from cd, you change the bios to boot from scsi.

  Diemmess 12:17 15 Jun 2003

Faced with your problem I would find someone who would burn a cd from the contents of a setup floppy, and add the Win98 folder from your installation CD................. Not something to boast about, but if your conscience will allow you to breach copyright law......

It should work because the data from the floppy will include config.sys and autoexec.bat files and generic SCSI drivers to allow you to reach a booted up stage, controlled by your CDROM.

Once there you can copy the Win98 folder to a new folder named Win98 on your hard disk and run "set up" from that place

  Bodi 12:26 15 Jun 2003

As Jimv7 suggests, set the motherboard BIOS to boot from SCSI and the SCSI adapter BIOS to bootable CD as you all ready have done so.

Your SCSI card should then tell you (when your Windows CD is inserted before switching on your computer)that your CDR is now "A" drive.

This should work ok - hope this helps.


  Bodi 12:30 15 Jun 2003

Sorry.... mind on holiday without me.

Should read Windows CD should be inserted on switching on your computer and before the SCSI BIOS kicks in. OOOOOOOOps!


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