SCSI termination

  Diemmess 19:51 15 May 2003

Is there a right and wrong way to fit a SCSI terminator to the end of a SCSI chain?

The block appears to be able to be fitted eiter way and i can't see any distinguishing marks except for the usual red line on the cable.

  mrdsgs 20:12 15 May 2003

depeding on what sort you are using it should only fit one way round.

the exception is a 50 pin male SCSI internal terminator on an old style cable without a "key"

try it one way and reboot, if that doen't work (scsi bios will throw up an error or the device will not be seen) turn it round and try again!

  Diemmess 21:20 15 May 2003

Thanks for what seems to fit my bill
Thanks, I'm sure you have the answer

The host card is ultra (before they thought of wide), and the terminator is of a male disposition.........both at least 5 yrs old.

I have had to replace my motherboard today........... . SCSI is now trimmed to just a scanner, a CDR (used for reading only), and a little used Jaz drive, so I used a simpler cable and confused the way the termination had been fitted.

When SCSI failed to appear properly during bootup I simply disconnected it, dealt with more important things and will go back now all the rest has settled down.

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