Scsi scanner in XP PC ?

  john-232317 14:55 26 Jan 2005

Trying to fit my HP Scanjet P5 scanner onto my XP machine, it came out of my Win 98 one.

It works from a scsi Adaptec host adapter, but
XP cant load it, error says problem because INF file was written for Win 95 or later.

Cant get any info off Adaptec site, any ideas guys or is it back into the 98 box, boo hoo.

TIA John

  Newuser4165 14:59 26 Jan 2005

I presume you mean the 5p scanner.
Mine works perfectly on XP using a 2902 SCSI card which was correctly detected by XP on installation.
Do you have an alternative SCSI card as the problem may be with the SCSI card itself and not the scanner.

  Newuser4165 15:03 26 Jan 2005

edit to above post :-
but you already know that the problem is with the card.
I can't remember at the moment which driver XP uses for the 2902 card - AIC ....? or similar
I'll check when I get home.

  john-232317 15:25 26 Jan 2005

Cheers mate, but its not the original card that came with the scanner. DOH... i should of had a look at the number while it was out. ;-((

  wee eddie 18:05 26 Jan 2005

I shall follow this thread with interest as I have a "Snapscan 1236s" and I was under the impression that the SCSI Card that it came with, would not work with XP. I investigated the purchase of a new SCSI Card and the cost exceeded the cost of a new Scanner, with the added risk that the two would not necessarily work together.

It's now sitting on a shelf at the present but as I haven't had anything to scan for the last few months, the whole project has been put onto the back burner!

  jack 18:18 26 Jan 2005

There have may posts of late with Scanners from 95/98 systems not working in NTFS sustems[ 2000/XP]This is because the firmware in the scanners is 95/98 DOS only does does not recognise the NTFS data coming through. There have been attmepts to offer 'upgrade' download by various makers natably MUSTEK. But as the data in the firm ware is held in a ROM[Read Only Memory] chip, 'upgrades do not work to well {there are some scanners that are dual it seems and can work in both DOS/NTFS.
I gues this would also apply to some SCSI ware too.

  Newuser4165 19:02 26 Jan 2005

Further info regarding my earlier posts:-
Adaptec 2902E PCI SCSI card.
Device manager lists it as Adaptec AIC7850 PCI SCSI controller.
Driver file is listed as aic78xx.sys

Both my HP 5p flat bed scanner and my Minolta Dimage Scan Dual slide scanners work correctly with this card although you need to use the XP scanning software to run the 5p.The Minolta has its own software.

  2neat 19:28 26 Jan 2005

I too have AIC7850 PCI SCSI controller & HP 5P. I seem to recall downloading software from HP a long time ago to use copy feature etc for XP. I hardly ever use my scanner now.

  john-232317 16:15 04 Feb 2005

Just an update, got scanner working now ;-)

Updated controller driver, XP could not find any driver for it so ticked the dont search i will choose option, and low and behold, there was the driver. XP didn`t want me to use it as it had not been checked, but i said yes and now works fine. It has to be turned on before bootup though to be recognised by XP scanner wizard, but ok with word if turned on after bootup ;-))

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