Wessie 10:07 26 Apr 2006

On my computer I have 3 scsi drives and 1 IDE CD-ROM and 1 IDE DVD writer. When I logon and go to My Computer I can see the 3 scsi drives but not the DVD Writer or the CD-ROM. There is a drive mapped reporting to be a DVD drive but this does not work. When I look at Device Manager it says that it is a SCSI DVD drive although it is not.
When I disconnect the scsi drives and attach a IDE hard drive and logon then the CD-ROM and DVD writer are recognized and both work.
Anyone got any ideas on how I get the CD-ROM and DVD Writer recognized when the SCSI drives are attached.

  Smiler 10:24 26 Apr 2006

What operating system, motherboard & scsi controller are you using??

  Wessie 15:19 26 Apr 2006

Smiler, Thanks for your reply, I am not sure about the motherboard but the O/S is XP PRO and the SCSI Controller is 7

  stylehurst 17:02 26 Apr 2006

1. Are you running a separate SCSI card, or is it built into your Motherboard.
2. Have you allocated a separate SCSI ID to each of your drives.
3. Have you terminated your SCSI drives.

  Smiler 17:11 26 Apr 2006

I see you have ticked this thread so how was it solved please??

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