Scsi Card for Zip 100 Drive

  Mike 12:43 22 May 2004

I need a pci 25 pin scsi card to run my Iomega Zip 100 Drive.

How do I know which card has 25 and not 50 pin connector.

Is ther a 50 to 25 pin adaptor

Which card would be most suitable. (cheap)

  Earthworm 14:05 22 May 2004

are you sure it's SCSI card and not an EIDE connector, as this is the same as the one's that are used for hard drives / CD ROMS. you place it in the back and select either master or slave

  Eric10 14:18 22 May 2004

I believe that this stems from your earlier post click here.

From what you are now saying I assume that the drive is an external device and you need to convert from the external 50 pin mini D plug of a PCI SCSI II card to your existing 25 pin cable, or you need a cable with mini 50 pin plug at one end and a 25 pin plug at the other. It is important to give as much information as possible when posting with a problem and with SCSI drives the difference between internal and external is crucial.

I've found 3 links for adapters or cables which may help you. Cable: click here, Cable: click here, Adapter:
click here

  Eric10 14:21 22 May 2004

On the last link above, scroll up to AA-1280
as I think this is what you need.

  Mike 21:08 22 May 2004

Yes Eric10,

I have an external Iomega Zip 100 Drive, and in my previous post you pointed out my existing scsi card was ISA. I went to PC World to buy the siig fast scsi-2 adaptor however it has a 50 pin connecton. My drive has a 25 pin connector. So in order to connect my drive I would need a 50 to 25 cable or adaptor. PC World did not have cables or connectors and did not know if the drive would work with their card even if I got the right connectors.
I'v looked on e bay and they all seem to have 50 or 68 pin connectors.
I have searching for all combinations of scsi and 25 pin, but still dont know what to get.
Ideally I want to exchange my old ISA card for a PCI card of similar spec, that way I could use my existing cable.
So if you could advise me what to get I would be greatfull.

  Pearly Gates |X|X| 23:04 22 May 2004

Why don't you buy an Iomega USB 250 or 750. The 250 will read Zip100 disks as well.

  Mike 00:45 23 May 2004

Hi Pearly Gates |X|X|,

Because I also use an old Mac without USB.

  Eric10 12:53 23 May 2004

Presumably your Mac could still use the Zip100 and if you restrict data you need to swap between machines to 100Mb disks then you could take the USB upgrade option for your PC as suggested by Pearly Gates |X|X|. You never know, you may want to upgrade your Mac at some stage.

I very much doubt that you will find a new PCI SCSI card with a 25 pin external connector as 25 pin is old technology so I can't see a market for such a device except for yourself. You may be able to find a second hand card of this type but then you could be faced with a lack of XP drivers for it. The only way forward I can see is a PCI SCSI II card with a 50 pin external connector and either a new lead or an adapter. However, I have to come back to the suggestion by Pearly Gates because the money you are going to spend on this would go a long way towards a new drive click here.

  Audeal 14:38 23 May 2004

I thought Zip 100 drives where connected to the Parallel port. Mine is.

  Eric10 15:14 23 May 2004

They are available in Parallel Port, Scsi and Usb varieties of which the parallel port version has the slowest transfer rate by far.

  Mike 17:21 23 May 2004

Never thought there might be a problem with drivers in XP. I have left a question with Adaptec in the hope that they have a positive answer. If not yes it will have to be a Usb Drive.

Updating the Mac is not a proposition due to my old unsupported software. In order to update my cad files I use the zip drive as a portable translator to change my Mac cad files to Autocad files.

See my post MacBravo! I have over 10 years of cad files on this application and they all have to be translated to Autocad.

Many thanks all for your response.

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