scsi card-cable

  paddy75 16:45 31 Jan 2005

Hi all, i need to get the above pci-scsi card and cable for my scanner can you recomend any dealers.Thanks Paddy

  Diemmess 16:55 31 Jan 2005

A bit in the dark here.

You haven't given any detail or name of the Scanner or the host card. Wherever you buy, you could help yourself by looking up the scanner on the maker's website for as much info. as you can find before you go tho the retail side of things.

Assuming that it is an oldish scanner then almost any PCI to SCSI card will do and the cable must obviously fit both the scanner and the card which you choose.

I have an old but very reliable SCSI scanner with a large 50 pin socket on it, while at the computer end it has what I believe is called a 50 pin Micro-D socket.

  paddy75 17:10 31 Jan 2005

Thanks Diemmess for the speedy reply the scanner is about 6 years old,but since upgrading to xp it will not work.I had it connected via a parallel port,Epson support suggests a scsi card.Thanks Paddy

  Diemmess 17:52 31 Jan 2005

Sounds a bit like my Epson 5500!.............
When I bought it (for Windows 98) I already had an all singing/all dancing Adaptec 2940 which would have been overkill except I was then running a scsi HD, Jaz drive and so on from the same card. Epson supplied a simple card with it which I didn't use.

If you are likely to use the card only with your scanner, almost any supplier of bits will offer a cheap one, because SCSI is no longer the rocket science it used to be!

The cable is available from most suppliers, and the software is there on Epson's site.

It used to be a pain to set this up, because SCSI runs its own rules, and once running, it behaved fine while Device Manager protested that there was a problem.

The short answer was to load the software first, boot up with the scanner switched on and the first time Windows asks for the software you simply play along with the prompts to the point where windows can't find the software and OK finish.

Final warning, if you are going to use the scanner, plug in and switch on before starting the computer, otherwise (in 98SE) it goes bananas. Once the scanning is over you can switch it off and take the scanner away without any bother.

  Storik 23:04 31 Jan 2005

Actually I seem to have run a similar setup to yours except my scanner was an Epson 7000. It didn't like XP and vice versa.

paddy75: I have an Adaptec 2940UW card, complete with cables and spare 4GB SCSI hard drive. However, is the SCSI connection on the back of your hard drive 25 pin?

The only reason it is boxed and stored is that I purchased another Adaptec card, the 2940UW2 from a member on here.

You can email for further details if you want to.


  Diemmess 12:52 01 Feb 2005

I'm not clear if this is any help to paddy75, but answering your question - The SCSI host card is plugged into a PCI slot.

The cable daisy chained to all other internal SCSI devices are SCSI specific and broader than those used for IDE devices. The socket on the back of the computer (host card) is a 50pin Micro D socket.

Early difficulties with 98 were my fault, when I didn't place a terminator on the end of the chain.

  paddy75 13:16 01 Feb 2005

Thanks for all your replies' i got a scsi card with the scanner which i didn't use and i think i dumped it a couple of years ago.I think i will leave the scanner for now and use my sons new usb 2 scanner when needed.Thanks again Paddy

  Diemmess 14:35 01 Feb 2005

That's the way the cookie crumbles!..........
Don't know what you paid for your aging scanner I think I paid about £220 plus the cable+plus+plus

The only reason I keep SCSI on this machine is the scanner and (2nd best) burner as well as a Jaz drive which is virtually unused now with only 1Gb available and no one else in the family able to use it!........ Epitaph - It seemed a good idea at the time

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