Scrolling mouse doesn't work in Word

  spw75 08:24 02 May 2004


I'm a bit of a newbie on here not to mention a girl, so the less etch speak the better!, but I hope somone can help.

I recently upgraded my PC but kept my software and the scrolling mouse doesn't seem to work in Word.

I'm operating Windows 98 SE and I think it is Word 95 or 98 - is there a patch or something I can downlaod, it is really irritating

Thanks for any help/advice


  john-232317 08:45 02 May 2004

Does it work in other programs ?

  spw75 08:49 02 May 2004

It works in everything else except MS Office applications (Word, Excel and Powerpoint in my case)


  Stuartli 08:50 02 May 2004

If you go to Start>Settings>Control Panel and double click on Mouse, you will get a panel up.

Use the Settings tab to set your mouse scrolling rates etc.

Also, by right clicking on the scroll bar on the right hand side of the screen, you can choose various scrolling features from the menu which appears.

  spw75 08:53 02 May 2004


thanks for the above, I don't get a menu when I right click in Word and there isn't a settings tab in the menu for the mouse in the control panel.

Just a thought (and don't forget I'm a bit of a novice), but do I have to 'install the mouse'? I just plugged it in and it worked....

  john-232317 08:59 02 May 2004

Win 98, yes you have to install software.

  spw75 09:03 02 May 2004

Apologies for the extremely stupid question that is about to come.....I just got the mouse in abox with the new PC, so how do I install it, there were no discs or anything, can I downlaod something?

  john-232317 09:06 02 May 2004

Just tried mine out, i have to click the wheel on the page not on the scrollbar, then the scroll thingy goes on the scrollbar...?? ;-)

  spw75 09:11 02 May 2004

Nope - nothing. I know in other applications the circle thingy with arrows inside comes up instead of the cursor, but not in Word. Excel I'm not too bothered about, it's just that I work with a few large docs in Word, so having to press page up and down all the time is a right pain in the proverbial!
(I'm scrolling up and down this page.....arrgghh, this is so frustrating!)

  Stuartli 09:12 02 May 2004

Windows should have installed its own driver for the mouse.

Try going to Device Manager, highlighting your mouse and then clicking on Properties.

Remove the mouse and then reboot. Windows should then install New Hardware and find and install the driver again.

It may be worth visiting the mouse manufacturer's website (many mouse products are rebadged products from A4Tech) and looking in Support or Downloads for a suitable mouse driver.

Re the right click on the scroll bar - as I say, this should bring up the basic scrolling choices such as Page Up/Down etc. However, without the proper driver, this facility may not work.

Right clicking on the page is entirely different...:-)

  Stuartli 09:19 02 May 2004

I should also point out that if you go to Device Manager (My Computer>Properties>Device Manager and highlight Mice and other pointing devices before clocking on its Properties, you should get a menu up that includes an Advanced tab.

You can then configure your mouse actions as required.

This is the case with XP Pro (it's a while since I used 98SE), so not quite sure if its exactly the same, although the basic approach will be.

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