Scripting Error? This is driving me insane!

  boybrown 12:50 15 Feb 2004

Hi folks,

Any collective help here would be much appreciated. My windows explorer keeps on shutting down spontaneously. I've tried everything that I can think. I have sent in windows error reports and it links me through to a webpage where it says that it is a problem with the web-page that I am viewing. However it does this on a regular basis and I find it hard to believe that the BBC website would be badly enough put together for it to be the source (also various other web pages, not just BBC).

There was a link from a query earlier on for a browser diagnosis but it just freezes on the scripting test and the fix link is down.

The only other thing that is a clue is that smetimes a warning will come up saying "that there is a slow script do you want to abort" however it just normally shuts itsself off!

I've also tried downloading different browsers (advanced and Netscape). Netscape doens't seem to suffer with the same problem.

Also tried re-installing IE, and I think maybe it's a bug from one of the patches, but I'm security conscious so I don't want not to download a critical update!





  Diodorus Siculus 15:21 15 Feb 2004

click here
Did you try to repair IE?

  Diodorus Siculus 15:22 15 Feb 2004

Did you try Mozilla from Worth a shot.

  Joe McG 15:52 15 Feb 2004


in internet explorer click tools-internet options-advanced and tick disable script debugging.

  boybrown 16:10 15 Feb 2004

Cheers Diodorus Siculus,

Just done a re-install and things seem to be going ok up until now. i've not updated the critical releases as I think that it must have been one of these that has caused it. Do you think that it should be ok without?

Also downloaded the alternative browser so will give that a go.

Thanks a lot for the advice :-)

Joe McG,

Thanks a lot for the input, I'd already tried that, unfortunate;y with no luck.

Cheers for the help though :-)

  Diodorus Siculus 16:18 15 Feb 2004

Generally speaking you should be ok without the various updates for the browser. Do you know which specific one it is? It may be that MS know about the situation and will recreate that patch.

  boybrown 16:37 15 Feb 2004

Hi Again Diodorus Siculus,

No joy unfortunately it still crashed without me having installed the updates! So have run the updates anyway.

Definately liking the look of Mozilla though. Have installed it and everything seems to be going well to now. Fingers crossed that this may be the one!

Still would like to get to the bottom of what's happening in IE though. It may be useful to someone else if I can track the fault down!


  Diodorus Siculus 16:41 15 Feb 2004

Hard to know; because of the integration between IE and Windows, it could be a windows error as much as an IE problem.

Try this:



sfc /scannow

- you will need your OS CD.


I meant to recommend MozillaFirebird - "lite" version of Mozilla - no formfiller, no messanger, no email client etc. But really fast!

  boybrown 17:05 15 Feb 2004

Yep already done that with no joy. No wondering if it's anything else. Have just uninstalled the google searchbar just in case of conflicts. Just checking my installed programmes and I also have Java web start installed so that may be next to go to try and track down the problem.

I also have Spyware Blaster running so that may be the next to disable as I think from my memory bank that I read somewhere that there may be a compataility issue with some sites.

Couldn't track down the "lite" version that you put on your last response. It's the Mozilla Firefox that i've got, is that the right one? If it's not do you have a working link to the site?

Thanx V. much for your efforts


  Diodorus Siculus 19:20 15 Feb 2004

Mozilla Firebird - not called a "lite" version, but that is what it is in reality. A browser only, nothing more, nothing extra to slow you down.

  boybrown 20:16 17 Feb 2004


Sorry for the delay. I am now a converted user of Mozilla. Lot's quicker and hasn't crashed on me yet.

thanks sooooo much for the help :-)

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