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  Ex.Airways 01:22 09 Aug 2007

Advice please.
Very occiasionally I get a pop up saying
'An error occured in the script of this page, as a result this page might not display or function properly.
Error:- object expected line 204
URL:- url of site that I am on.

Usually if this pop up is going to appear it is when I click a link on a website and the link opens in a new tab.
The pop up gives the choice of yes or no to 'continue scripts on this page'

Whether I click the YES or NO boxes the page then usually opens correctly and the pop up clears.

What does this pop up script error mean and what can I do to correct it?
My ISP is BT Yahoo and I am on dial up.
I am sure that if I E-mail BT Yahoo help they will say uninstall your BT Yahoo browser and reinstall (On a dial up connection?)

Sometimes the Error:- is different like a different line number or '0bw not recognised'

Ex Airways

  brundle 09:07 09 Aug 2007

A; badly written pages
B; You're not using a up-to-date browser

Or there is some problem with your PC, an IE add-on etc

Can you link to an example?
Just paste from your address bar here, it will be turned into a click here for example

  DieSse 15:00 09 Aug 2007

In IE - go to

Tools - Internet options - Advanced

Look for 8th check box down (in IE7) called "Disable Script Debugging" - out a tick in it be clicking the box.

You don't need it active - it's more for website developers.

  DieSse 15:01 09 Aug 2007

shud read - put a tick in it by clicking the box


  Ex.Airways 21:42 09 Aug 2007

Thanks for replies so far.
I have not as yet changed any settings but Script error pop up has not appeared today as yet.

Badly written page?, pop up sometimes appears on Friends reunited

When I access BT Yahoo download page it informs me that I have the latest Browser installed.

I do not think I have any IE add-ons, but not really sure what they are.

DieSse:- box is already ticked as is Disable script de-bug(other)
Ex. Airways

  Ex.Airways 23:34 09 Aug 2007

While surfing Kelkoo for replacement DAB radio when clicking on 'further' details for a selection, pop up
script error.
Line: 180
Char: 378
Error: Object required.

As in previous times when pop up appeared I click YES to continue and page appeared OK

(was looking for a DAB radio clock alarm for bedside with at least 5 or more preselects,24 Hr clock/alarm/and battery back up)
Ex. Airways

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